April 9, 2014

ATI Customer Service

Someone else's Ruger 10/22 with ATI stock that looks a lot like mine.

I thought I made a post about this. I guess I did not. For my birthday I received funds to purchase a stock for my new Ruger 10/22. I chose the strike force stock from ATI. Turns out that they didn't have any at the shipping facility, and thus my order was maybe three or four days late.

I was contacted immediately by customer service that I had been flagged for priority shipping. ATI admitted their mistake, apologized, and got my order corrected and on its way from Wisconsin, USA. I was contacted by a real person and I was taken care of during the entire process. I knew where my stock was, where it was going, when to expect it, and what was occurring at the shipping facility.

These things happen and I am not angry that the company made a small goof with my order. They took responsibility for the misplaced stock (no pun intended) and corrected the issue. This forthcoming approach to their customers means I will purchase from them again and recommend their products to friends and readers. The stock really is choice. I should do a review on it.

A) it's just a stock
B) they had me covered six ways from Sunday
C) excellent customer service from a person (two people)
D) priority ship with tracking
E) I didn't need the stock "yesterday"

Great company. I'll be doing business with them again.

Final Determination: Awesome

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