March 7, 2014

Wayne La Pierre at CPAC: The Good and the Bad

I listened to the 20 minute speech given by Wayne La Pierre at CPAC. I don't follow these political events- but was directed to the youtube footage by a article. CPAC is where the religious conservatives meet to plan on 'rescuing America' from liberal values. While we won't delve any farther into that subject- it goes without saying that since I am a libertarian I disagree with social conservative policies.

Wayne said a couple of things that were right on the money- and some things that weren't par for the course. There is indeed a problem in America- and it stems from a rotting of the core from a lack of Constitutional values- not socially conservative ones (there is a difference). He listed constitutional values of individual liberty, freedom of speech, and of course the right to keep and bear arms- but this is CPAC, and people at CPAC are going to take that as a lack of 'fundamental christian' values. I don't know what Wayne's intent truly was, but if he meant that there is a lack of constitutional values going around the country- he and I can agree 100%.

It is no surprise that the majority of the country mistrusts government on not just gun issues, but on everything after project PRISM was revealed and the mishandling of justice... among other things. I certainly don't trust the US government. It will take a lot of repair to gain that trust back again. They can start by reaffirming the sanctity of the Constitution, the rights enshrined within, and then begin to practice the limitations put on the federal government by the Constitution. Currently, at all levels of government there is an encroachment by each branch (legislative, executive, judicial) to skirt around the rules- and in the process deny and/or violate a person's rights.

Grandstanding at events like this is ok- it's what the event was made for. Someone I know once said that he didn't like Wayne La Pierre because he was too emotional. I can agree with that somewhat. I have warned the NRA before to watch their rhetoric so that they don't alienate more secular members of the organization, and it seems that with this CPAC speech that warning was heeded. It's good to know that the NRA reaffirms its position on the 2nd amendment- and for that matter, it's welcoming news if they are also supporting personal liberties and the rest of the Bill of Rights. Announcing this at CPAC makes me suspicious, but if true- is welcoming news.

I may not agree with every single thing Jim Porter, Wayne La Pierre or the NRA says- but I will continue to back them by voting in people who support all of the US Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. You can read an earlier post of mine regarding 2016- but because of a current predisposition to destroy the 2nd amendment and to take away people's civil rights, I have had to throw out considerations for both Democrats and Republicans- the only major difference between the two is that all Democrats running for president are interested in taking my guns from me. That leaves two republican candidates and a libertarian I will vote for- but the pool of choices can and will change- and I will run those individuals through the matrix when the time comes.

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