March 27, 2014

Prominent Anti-Gunner Arrested For Trying to Arm Criminals

Leland Yee is a gun control advocate from San Francisco who was just arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on charges of gun laundering to gangs, organized crime, connections to gang leaders, wire fraud, bribes, political corruption; among connections to assassins and illegal firearms dealers. The FBI stormed his office, a freemason’s temple and a few homes as doors were busted in, people arrested (with a warrant) and evidence easily confiscated.

Yee has been prolific in the Brady Campaigns quest to strip American citizens of their private firearms and has proposed legislation to punish law abiding citizens in the state of California- also aiding at the national level to advocate civilian disarmament by banning access to firearms. He is endorsed by the anti-gun group the Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Center, whom no doubt will now begin distancing themselves from the affair.

It would be incredibly dishonest, let alone an emotional knee jerk reaction to assume that all democrats are cooperating with gangs or that all San Francisco politicians are corrupt. The facts of the matter though, dictate that too many bad apples are being arrested in San Francisco politics and that all of them were democrats. The strong, pervasive ‘belief’ stemming from San Francisco is that guns lead to more violence. They really don’t have any idea what they are talking about.

How can public officials be trusted if their agenda stems to confiscate or ban private firearms ownership? How can I trust anti-gun members of Mayors Against Guns or Brady Campaign endorsed candidates when they say that taking my guns will make us safer, then turn around behind our backs and get arrested for corruption, or worse; attempt to arm gangs and violent criminals? It makes absolutely zero sense to me.

We’re not here to talk politics outside the scope of firearms, but clearly the state legislature in California is shaken up. The Democrats want him gone. He played the game, he was caught- and the people that want to destroy the constitution want to continue to hood-wink people. I’m not buying it.
When Yee failed to be elected as mayor of San Francisco- he needed to clear up some debt that came along with his campaign. To this end, he was willing to arm criminals, complete favors and take bribes. Fortunately the FBI did their job and broke up this extensive criminal enterprise before it got any worse. I don’t often knock on the FBI as a federal agency, but they definitely get brownie points for this story. BATFE is a completely different topic- they aren’t to be trusted as a criminal organization. 

Even Democrats- the innocent ones, or the ones pretending to be innocent- smell a rotten stench in the ‘holier than thou Californian chamber of legislature’. This should serve as a wakeup call to those still blinded to the fact that the government is not your friend when it comes to protecting civil liberties- or gun rights for that matter. There is no longer a healthy skepticism of government- which Thomas Jefferson advocated in the first place- but a deep resentment, sometimes hatred, and blatant distrust of the US federal government.

Thanks to the Los Angeles Times and Forbes for their articles. For mainstream media they were fairly accurate and detailed- for once. The National Rifle Association has made no comment other than a tweet that highlighted the arrest. Republicans have not said anything- and the only reactions to the entire sting are raised eyebrows, and hopefully- a growing resentment to a government that is more interested in corruption, lining their own pockets- and destroying the values our country was founded upon.

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