March 17, 2014

Ocean City Maryland: Leave Your Gun At Home

Ocean City Maryland is a great place to vacation. There is a lot to do- whether you are a party goer or if you want to sit on the beach and do nothing. I have been going to Ocean City, Maryland since 1990.

Unfortunately, Maryland requests that you leave your 2nd amendment rights at the state's borders when you enter- and that you leave your gun at home. 'Leave your gun at home' say Maryland officials.

In my eyes, it's like not having a fire hydrant in case of a fire. If Maryland requests that I check the 2nd amendment at the door, or neutral individuals ask me 'why can't you just leave the gun at home', I ask a question in return:

Why should I check my right to free speech, privacy, choice of religion, or trial by jury at the door? Who exactly decided that the Constitution to the United States of America was no longer valid?

The state country enclave of Maryland.

Already, Annapolis is pushing for gun confiscation. Maryland passed onerous gun control laws last year that punished law abiding citizens for the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy. Let's call it what it is: a punishment. I can argue this because all of the 'laws' passed by Martin O' Malley would not have done a thing to prevent a mass shooter tragedy. It certainly didn't stop the Howard County mall shooting either.

One would argue that people can clearly see that gun control isn't working. I'm not going to lay each and every factoid out there step by step. For that you will need to visit  The politicians answer? make it worse. There is nothing left to do after registration but to ban and confiscate. Facts indicate that gun control does not work- but politicians want to push the balance of power out of the hands of the citizenry and into the hands of the government.

I was born in the state of Maryland. I grew up believing that only licensed hunters and police could own weapons- because that is what I was taught. I was taught to fear guns. I never did. I grew up to be neutral about them- and in 2012 became a law abiding gun owner. Months after that I joined the National Rifle Association.

I want to vacation in the state enclave of Maryland. I want to be able to go home and visit my family and friends. Because they [Maryland politicians] believe that my rights are a danger to their authority and their power- I am choosing to save my money and vacation elsewhere. It pains me dearly. It tugs at my heart- and I don't like talking about emotions either on my youtube channel or on this blog- but it pains me greatly to not be able to return to the state enclave of Maryland without with my firearm. Either Hilde comes with me- or I don't go. Period.

They [Maryland Politicians] fear that a law abiding citizen with a firearm could 'snap' instantly and begin shooting people- or might accidentally shoot someone. They fear a trained, law abiding citizen; when you are three times more likely to die at the end of a police officer's gun than mine. Think police are expert marksman? think again. They qualify once- and rarely qualify after that. There is an argument that states 'if police hit 2 out of 9 times in a fire fight, what are the chances a citizen with a gun will do better than that'? Police aren't gods. They aren't our overlords and certainly not our bodyguards. They are people. If a person is trained to use a firearm, they may in fact be a better shot than a cop.

I will not be taking my money to Ocean City, Maryland this year. I will not be taking my money to Ocean City, New Jersey either. I have made this decision for two reasons. The first is on principle- I should have the right to protect myself and my friends. The second reason is because the minute I step over the state boundary- if caught they will throw me in jail- for exercising my rights.

If the Bill of Rights are all equal, what would you do if they threw you in jail for free speech? or for being a minority religion? or perhaps someone that denies a search without a warrant? It is the same for the 2nd amendment. My right to keep and bear arms in defense of myself, my friends and family, and the nation shall not be infringed.

That right is no longer in the vocabulary of the enclave of Maryland.

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