February 25, 2014

The Top 10 Gun Friendly States :)

Blue states are the most gun friendly in the nation- followed by dark green then light green. Yellow is 'permissable', with red and black being the worst offenders.

Recolored to illustrate the notorious anti-gun states: California, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island- and Hawaii.

Be aware: If you are looking to move to the United States or exit your socialist republic, these are the most gun friendly states to move to- with the least restrictions. And would you look at that- they don't have crime problems, unlike a naughty list I posted before.

I will come back later and fill out the article with why these states are on the list.

#10- Delaware/Nebraska/Carolinas (four way tie)
#9- New Mexico/Oregon/South Dakota (three way tie)
#8- Georgia/Indiana/Louisiana/Wisconsin (four way tie)
#7- Arkansas/Maine/Missouri/Texas (four way tie)
#6- Arizona/Mississippi/Nevada/North Dakota (four way tie)
#5- Idaho/Kansas/Montana/Tennessee/West Virginia (five way tie)
#4- Florida/Kentucky/New Hampshire/Wyoming (four way tie)
#3- Alabama/Pennsylvania/Utah (three way tie)
#2- Oklahoma/Vermont (two way tie)
#1- Alaska

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