February 5, 2014

BREAKING: LAPD Chief: The LAPD is 100% at Fault for Revenge Shootings

Wow. The last people I expect to be honest and forthcoming are individuals in power from the state of California.

The police chief of the Los Angeles, a city known for its extreme anti-gun slant came out today and declared that the revenge shootings of two women during a manhunt for an ex-cop was unlawful, reprehensible and 100% the department's fault.

Again. I have to say- wow.

These officers will undergo severe punishment in their respective departments- ranging from reformation training to termination (loss of job). LAPD officers were too quick to jump the gun and get revenge- even if it meant the person they were shooting at 'might' not be Dorner. They weren't protecting the public- this strictly had to do with Dorner's inner circle and the LAPD. They meant to get revenge.

Charlie Beck should be commended for being honest and upfront about this situation, even if we disagree with his state's gun laws.

Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/02/05/us-usa-california-police-idUSBREA1406120140205

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