February 1, 2014

A Week After the Shooting- My Comments

Well today was a bad day for my home state of Maryland, especially for Howard County. I felt it inappropriate to say something right after the fact, so I decided to delay releasing this article and instead focus on the thoughts of those people affected by the dipshit who decided to go ape shit in Columbia Mall.

In the state of Maryland, one must pass live fire training and possess a pistol permit in order to own a handgun. For all types of firearms in Maryland, one must wait weeks, sometimes months before they can pick up their weapon after filling out a 4473.

Last year, Martin O' Malley had overwhelming support from the state government to ban most semi-automatic rifles in that state. He also banned standard capacity magazines. Law abiding citizens in the state of Maryland are not allowed to protect themselves outside of the home. There is de-facto 'no issue' carry in the state of Maryland.

The answer to them, it seemed- was that in order to stop the criminals with guns, they needed to curtail the rights of law abiding citizens with guns. This is a very perverse way of thinking about things. Before the bans, the heartbreak and all of the constitutional violations, politicians forgot one key fact in their quest for public disarmament.

Criminals do not obey the law. Laws to reduce 'gun' violence only impact law abiding citizens and not the criminals. It's a type of punishment against gun owners for owning legal firearms for lawful purposes.

They don't care what it was yesterday, what it will be tomorrow or what it is now. If a criminal is intent on ill will, they will acquire the means to do it- legally or illegally. Weapons are bought on the black market (most often, according to a DOJ report) or are stolen. It is the second fact that lawmakers want to focus on- they argue that by punishing the law abiding, there is less chance that there weapons will be stolen- because they will be banned.

We have seen in the case of New York City that when they do not see the homicide rates drop like they want to, they begin taking registry entries and issuing notices of confiscation. What happened today in Maryland not be the catalyst for the confiscation push, but you can be bet that we are another unfortunate (and mitigateable) tragedy away from another major gun control push. The same arguments keep coming up time and time again- but the facts remain the same.

Criminals do not obey the law- mass shootings are going down over a period of 20-30 years, and gun ownership is on the rise as people realize that today's day and age isn't the 1950's anymore. Whether this man used a semi-automatic rifle, pistol or shotgun does not matter- he obtained the weapon illegally and still managed to obtain it despite the draconian gun control passed in Maryland. It has been proven through facts that gun control has no discernable impact on homicides or crime, but the rise in lawful gun ownership has been credited in lowering homicide rates across the nation.

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