January 4, 2014

Shot Show 2014 to Reveal Goodies from Glock

I was excited to hear rumors that a new glock model or three are coming out and shot show 2014 pretty soon. There is speculation, from credible sources- that Glock may be going with a sub-compact ('baby glock') 380acp. Such weapons exist, but, for some reason are banned in the United States.

Funny thing when Glock gets around that by opening a factory in Smyrna, Georgia. Kudos.

Glock also has yet to enter the single stack 9mm market. If the new Glock is a 9mm single stack, I wouldn't pay more than $499 for one. The reason? capacity. I understand single stacks are meant to be thinner, but I am a big guy and I can afford to carry a double stack handgun.

Kahr has a pretty expensive single stack 9mm. At the end of the day, Glock will put up an MSRP that they think and know people will buy the pistol for. As for a single stack .380 acp? it has my interest, but I want a compact glock that is a double stack .380 acp. That I might be interested in. BUT- the Glock 19 is still calling my name. I am less accurate with 9mm than I am with .380 acp, but the gap is shortening fast as I practice.

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