January 3, 2014

For Immediate Release: Obama 'Not Genuine' With Executive Orders to Prevent Violence

The president of the United States this evening is demanding two new executive orders to curb 'gun' violence. While he cites too many people are dying due to 'gun violence' (the majority suicides, which isn't 'gun violence'. That insinuates the gun did the killing, which is extremely childish) there isn't a peep about the hundreds of thousands of people dying due to medical mispractice or the people being killed in car accidents. Where's the prevention for 'doctor violence' or 'car violence'?

The president outlined two plans. First to 'clarify' who can own a gun and who can't based on mental health issues. Big deal- I would like to hear how this is implemented. It sounds like fanfare to make it sound like he is doing something.

The second action is more detailed. The White House will remove barriers preventing states from submitting information that would flag crazies.

None of these plans have convinced me that the man is genuine. He has not explained how the plans will work, and the devil is in the details.

The fundamental problem is that he is opening gateways for the states to 'do their job'. The problem is- unless you mandate state reporting of the mentally adjundicated- the states will not do anything. That's right- the state government doesn't want to submit that information if they don't have to. It's as if they have better things to do.

I have no idea what the president means about his first order. Presidential orders are a fairly controversial thing- I believe it is stepping out of bounds on the checks and balances system and I also believe it is illegal. While I support the president on his 'hinting' to want to really solve the problem, that is- crazy people going ape shit with guns- His 'orders' are nothing more than statements that the 50 states will not comply with- simply because they don't have to.

In short, these two orders are aimed at boosting his popularity (it is low) and to make it seem like he is doing something. It is also possible he is trying to reignite the gun control debate. We'll see if that happens.

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