December 28, 2013

GAT Guns: Ditch the Mossberg 715T

On a holiday trip to GAT guns in Illinois, I discussed with them my desire for a rifle in .22lr platform. I told them I was looking at a Mossberg 715t, which I had seen for $400 back in Pennsylvania.

GAT: What? the clerk said.

Me: They want $400.

GAT: We sell them for $220.

Me: Are you &^*&&^%$ me?

GAT: No.

GAT: These things are hunks of junk. We get them back all the time to send to the manufacturer for repair. Here, try a Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22. If you're gonna spend that kind of money on a .22lr rifle, this is a good one to have.

Me: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yup.

Mossberg 715t

I did not procure a rifle for Jul. Their M&;P 15-22 ran about $491 with taxes. No Cook County blood tax. I cannot speak for the rifle, but the M&P series has eaten pretty much everything I feed it: from Remington to Winchester to Federal (it loves federal).

GAT Guns is a major league gun supermarket located in Kane County, Illinois close to Route 25 in East Dundee. Need a gun? they can help you out. My father bought an M&P shield from them for about $511 after taxes. GAT Guns is an independent gun shop and is not a big box corporation like Cabelas.

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