October 27, 2013

Gun Control Waning Across the US

Dang. Even gallop is saying it. We are going to stick in the realm of gun politics (hint: it comes with being a gun owner) here and not cross the fence. I have tons to say about the other side of the fence- but we will stay over here. Lately I've stopped staring over the divide and have been paying attention to my own preoccupations- because there's nothing I can do about the morons on the other side of the fence.

Support for gun control nationwide is waning. However- there is still a large fraction of people who believe what they are told when they are told tougher gun laws for everyone will stop criminals. They won't. Tougher laws on felons and repeat offenders with firearms? You have my full support behind that.

It is the ultimate goal of proactive gun owners to change public opinion about firearms so that legal, responsible and safe handling and carriage of said arms is universally respected throughout the land. I have done my part and helped someone new to guns begin responsible ownership. One thing that has changed over the years is that more women are getting guns. They are getting them for two reasons. One is to protect their family- and another is to protect themselves.

Obviously, more Democrats support gun bans and stricter laws than Republicans. Independents (like myself) are in the middle on tougher laws, BUT are with the Republicans against banning firearms in this country. Some people vote along party lines- its been that way since Roosevelt's new deal in the 1930s. What the party says- they mindlessly vote for.

That goes for every political party. It's important, when entering the arena of politics- to use your brain, facts, logic and reason to determine your position instead of picking one side that you like better. I chose to formulate my own opinions- and as a result I am a moderate who leans slightly more liberal than conservative- but I am smack dab in the middle. Why? because I want to say centrism is a better option- however my opinions and values stem from rights recognized in the United States Constitution.

*Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
*Republicanism; the recognition of inalienable rights not granted, but recognized, by the Constitution (hint: has nothing to do with the GOP)

What should be done to limit violence?

- Arm the responsible citizenry. If they purposefully misuse their permit (such as to rob a place) it can be taken away.
- Put more security into our vulnerable schools. 
- Pass more accountable laws so that when a shooting does happen in a gun free zone the business owner of the property is liable.
- Repeal all unconstitutional gun control measures enacted in the socialist republics, such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Colorado, Massachusetts and Maryland.

Mankind is inherently violent. We, as a civilized society need to recognize the inalienable right to keep and bear arms in a responsible manner to provide for our own safety. So long as politicians try to toy with our lives for political points (and the destruction of our Constitution) they will always play games to line their own pockets and ride their own ego waves.

Now is not the time to let up. Just like all of our inalienable rights, what we call "2nd amendment rights" will always be under attack by people wishing to tip the balance of power from the citizenry to the government- which needs to stick to its own business.

If you live in one of the socialist republics: it's your turn to get active. Either resist through civil disobedience (it is your duty to deny a tyrannical government) or leave (the socialist republic). The US government loves when the citizenry talks about this- but forceful overthrow should always be the last option. It's time to stand up for our values and the inalienable rights we were founded upon. Read the words of Jefferson. When the government fears the people- there is freedom.

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