October 22, 2013

A Short FAQ On Gun Free Zones

Being 'proud' of a defenseless zone is a sheer mark of brainwashing that an inanimate object is evil and that a plastic sign and words will protect you from bullets. SPOILER: It's nothing to be proud about- and a sign won't protect you.

Where did gun free zones come from?
The Gun Free Zone Schools Act was a 1990’s piece of legislation signed by then Bill Clinton which banned the possession of firearms on school property. The bill was passed in response to the Columbine High School shooting that took place in the 1990s.

What is a gun free zone?
A gun free zone is any property, private or public- which actively displays signage indicating that any type of firearm not being held by a law enforcement official- whether ILLEGAL or LEGAL, is banned from the premises. Typically signage is posted indicating that weapons are not allowed on the property. Some gun free zones are protected through legislation- and may not post signage. Such areas include security checkpoints beyond airport lobbies.

What is the intent of a gun free zone?
The intent of a gun free zone (posting signage) is to prevent LEGAL and ILLEGAL firearms not in use by law enforcement from entering the perimeter of a “protected” area. The intent is that words, threats of punishment, and a thin plastic sign will stop criminals from carrying firearms into the perimeter.

What is the effectiveness of a gun free zone?
The overwhelming majority of mass shootings and domestic terrorism attacks have occurred in gun free zones with little to no security; because of the belief that a plastic sign will stop criminals. Notable tragedies include the Virginia Tech, Columbine, Sandy Hook, The Jacksonville GM Plant, University of Iowa, the Luby’s massacre, the Petit & Martin, Lindhurst High, Long Island Rail, DC/Baltimore Sniper, All Tech Investment, Wedgwood Baptist Church, Edgewater Tech, Santana High, University of Arizona, Lockheed Martin, Lancaster Schoolhouse, Salt Lake City Mall, Northern Illinois, Fort Hood, Oikos University, Santa Monica College, and the Washington Naval Yard massacres.

Tabloids and mass news media love to savor and report the coverage while hiring “analysts” to begin asking questions and demanding things, in effect telling people what they should believe and what they “will” believe if they want to be considered “normal”. News media does this due to the effect of sensationalism and the opportunity for ad revenue from attracting viewers. This coverage encourages copycats so that they can leave their mark of infamy on a world that has somehow wronged them.

Why do mass murderers almost exclusively target gun free zones?
They do so like any “good” terrorist would. There are, in most cases, all unarmed victims within the vicinity. This ensures the greatest chance of success and the least chance of resistance. With this logic, gun free zones are nothing more than killing fields.

Can a gun free zone be run perfectly?
No. However, a proper gun free zone will have the following features. Lockdown security, partitions, metal detectors, strip searches, pat downs, armed security with rifles and pistols, trip alarms to police, MP and SWAT, then bullet resistant glass. The overwhelming majority of gun free zones have one security feature- a locked glass door.

Why do people believe gun free zones work?
Authorities (fallacy: appeal to authority) for years have told the public that plastic signs, words and laws will prevent criminals from bringing guns onto forbidden perimeters. It was argued that penalties would stop these perpetrators and make them think twice. It hasn’t; especially with shooters who have nothing to lose. Believing what the authorities tell you in this case may end up getting you killed- but it works in their favor to disarm people- especially law abiding people.

What types of gun free zones are there?
Class 3 Slaughter Zone- A completely unprotected and declared gun free zone with no effective security measures. They may include cameras and locked doors. They may also include a skeleton crew of unarmed security guards. Examples include the majority of schools in the United States, Naval Bases, Colleges, Universities, places of work and shopping malls. This class of zones may also feature minimal resources such as one security guard for 1000+ students. Many unarmed targets gather here, and are prime targets for terrorists and mass murderers because of the excellent chance of low resistance. The less security on the premises, the more a ticking time bomb (a shooting) is waiting to happen.

Class 2 Gun Free Zone- A posted gun free zone with metal detectors and possibly a skeleton crew of armed security. These zones may also feature bullet resistant glass and lockdown partitions.

Class 1 Gun Free Zone- A near perfect security area complete with metal detectors, checkpoints, strip searches and/or pat downs, armed security with rifles and pistols everywhere, strict security precautions and adherence, trip alarms to SWAT and MP. May also include United States secret service protection. This zone also features bullet resistant glass. Examples include around the President of the United States and at airports after a major terrorist attack. Rare for “common” American citizens. This category is also compromised of private security firms, classified laboratories and government facilities where secrecy and protection is in the interest of national security (CIA, FBI buildings).

Why can't we just trust the police to protect us?
The job of a law enforcement officer is to respond to a situation, and if possible, act. There job is NOT to be your bodyguards- but to respond to a situation and to progressively prevent crime. Law enforcement, at its quickest is 5-10 minutes away and usually will take longer to arrive. Too late to stop a mass murderer or terrorist.They will, however be there in time to take away your corpse in a body bag and coroner's van.

List of Gun Free Zone Companies I Have Encountered:
7-Eleven (fired employee for protecting himself)
Shell (fired employee for protecting himself)

-There are countless examples of mass media pushing an agenda that guns are bad and that somehow, banning them will stop people from murdering each other.
-There are examples, unreasonably hidden (supposedly to protect an agenda) of law abiding citizens stopping a lethal threat or preventing one through the use of a legal firearm and a legal conceal carry permit.
-The Department of Justice, along with other organizations such as the Center for Disease Control (who agreed with the DOJ assessment) have declared that banning firearms had no visible impact on the rate of violent crime; and later concluded that gun control (the removal, confiscation and restriction of weapons, legal or illegal) had no recognizable impact on reducing crime.
-The Department of Justice also indicated that homicidal crimes (and violent crime) with the use of a firearm has declined sharply since the early 1990s. It has been confirmed that this is not due to gun control, but by other factors.
-The Department of Justice indicated that lawful firearm ownership does not contribute to higher crime rates, as some gun control advocates preach.
-The Department of Justice indicated that 3% of violent crimes with a firearm involve a rifle or shotgun; and that approximately 97% are committed with a handgun.
-The Department of Justice indicated that the 1994 'Assault Weapons ban and magazine ban' had absolutely no noticeable affect on violent crime.
- Only one incident of violent crime since the 1960s has occurred with a fully automatic firearm (1 crime per 50 years)

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