August 7, 2017

Snowflake Biddle is an Idiot

Sam Biddle of claims that the internet (and probably by proxy, gun owners) "empower" mass shooters to do what they do- equipping them with what they need. By that logic- the internet and the tools are at fault too. This reeks of major league snowflake and SJW.

What a fucking idiot.

The entire article is loaded and not worth reading. You can immediately pick up his hoplophobia and hatred of firearms. And from Mr. Biddle- 'fuck you' if you say otherwise to his opinion. He reeks of snowflake. You're not restricting, registering, banning or confiscating my guns because other people misuse their own. By your logic we need to ban knives and cars- it's too easy to buy a knife or a car on the internet too. We might as well stop sales of hardware supplies so that kids can't build pipe bombs, fertilizer bombs or pressure cooker bombs. God. fucking. forbid.

I've bought a gun on the internet. I purchased it from the website and it arrived at my local FFL dealer. I filled out a background check, paid my check fee and walked out the door with it. If buying ammo in bulk to save money 'enables' mass shooters, then my dislike of you will 'enable' me to want to put my foot up your ass.

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