August 11, 2017

Chaos Micro Draco

from the folks over at

Earlier this month I talked about mini-Dracos and micro-Dracos. Take a look at this custom Draco. This is a pretty neat custom job. The sight picture is vastly improved. If I am staring at the rear sight correctly it is H&K style. But we need to talk about the elephant in the room- and I'm talking about it from an BATFE perspective.

The stock. Yes- that is a stock. If I were the BATFE, I would not buy the argument that the 'magazine' is for quick reloading when couplers are readily available. To me the inclusion of a support plate places the intention of the gimmick to 'be used as a shoulder stock'. It's a neat idea- but I would not purchase this weapon without applying for a tax stamp. If you did it could get you- and Chaos- into a lot of trouble.

I would want a finger stop underneath that grip- otherwise you'll be holding your magazines with your support hand. Will I be getting one for $1,500? nope. Too rich for my blood- and I can get a PS-90 for that, fill out my form and cut that stupid ass barrel down to spec. Let it be known that I vehemently disagree with the NFA and the placement of suppressors, SBR's and SBS's on that list. That thing is a stock.

A PS-90. The "S" stands for "safe". My ass.

A correct P-90.

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