August 10, 2017

A Whole Lotta Do About Nothin- My Speculation

It's not the most socially acceptable thing to do, right? that's why a manager would never have told me to put a sign there. No manager in their right mind would put that sign there. I say this as an ex-Walmart employee. Look at the sign. The majority of those signs are thin plastic or paper and are shipped en masse in boxes for the store to display. It's called 'signage' in retail lingo.

The sign looks planted. Usually those signs have a spot where they seem that they will fit. Someone took this end cap sign and stuck it on top of the firearms display to be a douche bag. Unless a disgruntled employee is trying to get fired it was a customer. I guarantee if they ask Asset Protection to review camera footage they will see it. Honestly, if that were the case I would post video proving it.

Someone wanted to cause a big fuss over social media and cow gullible and volatile people into attacking Walmart. Guess who it attracted?

Piers Morgan is a fucking cunt. That is all you need to know- and all the attention I am giving him. My dumps in the bathroom are more creative and sincere. If I showed you the results of my trip to the bathroom the photo would be more tolerable than Piers Morgan thinking.

In all likelihood Walmart- or any of it's employees- did not do this. I left the company and I am saying that. Your IQ has to be below 90 in order to think that this is serious. If you are outraged about this- you have a lot of other things to be worrying about. Namely that FUBAR brain of yours.

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