July 21, 2017

Zastava M70 NPAP MK II Status- 1000 Rounds Later and Down...

The Zastava M70 NPAP after 1000 rounds with the Tapco G2 Trigger Replacement. Uncle Sam should send me a tax credit to replace the bolt carrier because of his bullshit with 922r.

The Zastava M70 NPAP above the Zastava M85 NPAP NP (without brace).

Now I don't want to scare anyone here- what is happening with my NPAP is considered normal if 'untreated'. It's known that Century Arms International- the importer of Zastava's M70 NPAP- put Tapco G2 triggers into the rifles. I happen to really like this trigger. However the hammer needs some serious field testing and QC inspection. Take a look at any Tapco G2 fire control group in an imported M70 and you will see that the hammer has some flat faces. These flat faces serve no purpose other than to:

1) Annoy me
2) Prematurely wear the bolt carrier tail
3) Annoy me

I keep a firearms record sheet for each and every one of my guns. The information on that sheet provides a date, inspection description, the status of the weapon and the approximate round count (ARC). We are at about the 1000 round mark with my NPAP- manufactured in Serbia in 2014. I purchased it in 2015 for $580 out the door.

What I saw during the inspection made me happy. There are signs of wear on the bolt carrier and the bolt, as well as on the receiver rails but all of this is normal. The chamber looks good, the gas tube is good and the gas block is running well. The muzzle break is fine as is the detent pin. The stock has normal use scratches. If you don't want a scratched AK don't engage the safety and don't fire it. Leave it in a sock in the safe forever.

In 1000 rounds I have had one failure to fire (which was the ammo's fault) and one or two failure to feeds (probably the magazine's fault as the round wasn't stacked correctly). So when I charge the handle for it to go boom- assuming every other variable is good- there is a 100% chance the rifle will work. With the variables listed the chance of the rifle working is about 99.67%. I'll take that for reliability.

I have fed the weapon a steady diet of Tulammo and Red Army Standard- all Ukrainian or Russian made ammunition. All of it was steel cased. I don't think I have ever tried running brass in the gun. What's the point? Every magazine from surplus Korean mags to surplus Serbian mags to tapcos, PMAGs and ProMags have worked. The only issue I have had was with Tapco mags. They perform flawlessly- except for the one failure to feed mentioned before. If you don't angle the insertion of the magazine correctly it misses the latch on the inside of the receiver and can jam in place. General range shooting? yeah I will use Tapco mags. Combat use? no. The steel mags lock up wonderfully for both purposes. For those curious- the ammunition has not caused any 'corrosion' issues.

The bolt carrier tail is peening pretty hard. The slang term for this phenomenon is 'mushrooming'. I can tell you from experience that when a harder metal hits a softer one- especially if there is some heat- it should harden the metal ever so slightly. HOWEVER- if you keep hitting the thing in the same damn place all the time the metal will deform or crack, the latter happening after a very long time. That hammer and it's profile is what is causing this peening issue. The peening should be happening after tens of thousands of rounds- not after 1,000 and not like this.

Take it to a gunsmith and have them file that hammer smooth. I don't want to monkey with a fire control group and I don't feel comfortable doing so. I took apart the FCS only to learn about the bastard hook known as the shepherd's hook and how it's a piece of garbage- too late. I ordered a tapco retaining pin that the gunsmith can use for future easier access. I don't want a repeat of this safety not turning into place again- so every 2-3 years or so I will have a gunsmith disassemble and clean the rifle. It was about that time anyways.

The rifle is not that far away from coming back online. Once it is I will definitely be shooting some of this 7.62 x 39mm I found for 10 cents per round..... I plan on taking my M70 NPAP and turning it into a designated marksman rifle. The high comb is really designed for optics use- so why not put a 2.5x-10x by 32mm scope on there? Vortex has not screwed me yet- so it will be one of their crossfires or diamondback. Not because I am cheap but because I live right at the poverty line. I blame the democrats partly for that.

When the DMR is set up or another issue happens, or I hit a milestone of 2,000 rounds I will post pictures of the NPAP. So far I like the rifle and from what I have seen Rob Ski do at the AKOU I know what to expect at about 5,000 rounds. The NPAP isn't the best out there- but it works.

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