July 20, 2017

Gun Control in Baltimore Not Working

Baltimore is actually getting worse than it's ever been. In fact it is turning into an east coast Chicago with corrupt bureaucrats and corrupt police. But we're not here to talk politics. We are here to highlight how 'gun control' is not working in Maryland and it isn't working in Baltimore. I don't rely on CNN as a credible news source- but they did cite the Baltimore Police Department themselves when saying:

'This year, deaths due to gun violence in the city are up 21% over last year, with 186 killed so far, according to the Baltimore Police. If the pace of killings continues, the city is on track to set a record.'

Let us establish this first. There is no such thing as 'gun violence'. The prefix 'gun' in the term 'gun violence' indicates that the violence was committed by a gun. To believe that a weapon is good/evil or has the intent to commit murder is juvenile. Some might say that 'gun violence' means violence committed with a gun. Fine- but why no reports of widespread car violence, pillow violence, drug violence or knife violence? it's a concocted media term to scare people who can't think for themselves- and there are a whole fucking lot of them. 

The correct logical assumption to make is that violence, or human violence- violence committed by a person- is up over last year. I don't care what the statistic is. I will believe the number 186 as valid. When it comes to protecting themselves- Marylanders have very few choices.

In the free United States it is legal to apply for a concealed carry permit in order to carry a concealed handgun . Some states require training and others do not. Because the government may not infringe on the right to keep and bear arms- a police department must (shall) issue a permit if they cannot find a valid legal reason against doing so. A person in their right set of mind would seek training and advice (including legal advice) before carrying a weapon.

Maryland is not a free state.

It is unlawful to 'carry' a handgun in the state of Maryland. Maryland has strict permit rules that let them dictate exactly 'who needs' their rights and who does not. If you are rich or politically connected you may get a permit- but the overwhelming majority of permits are denied. This is known as 'may issue' and 'de facto no-issue' carry- and it is illegal. It is a state sponsored and endorsed denial of rights recognized in the Constitution- and they will take everything away from you if you dare exercise your rights. I have family in Maryland and I cannot see them.

'Just put the gun away' people I know say. They have no idea about the concept of self-protection, instead thinking that it's up to the police to do the job. Law enforcement has no duty to protect you or be your bodyguard. They serve the public as a collective. Asking me to 'leave the gun at home' is unreasonable and it isn't going to happen. People then think I am 'crazy' for carrying a gun- which is my birth right. They don't see it that way- or they don't care.

The gun is not getting left behind anywhere- it comes with me or I do not come. Period. If I explained to them that I would not relinquish my last resort of protection against violent attack- and they thought I was crazy- that is their perogative- whether I know them well or not. For me it is completely normal and completely natural to carry a defensive tool in my day to day life. It's immature to make out a firearm for more than it is- a tool.

Over the past 40 some years the media has done an outstanding job at molding public opinion against lawful carry and against lawful firearms ownership. I don't own guns because 'he is insane'- I own them because I enjoy them and I use them for defensive purposes. Now let's get off this tangent.

The AR-15, a modern semi-automatic rifle used for hunting, self defense and the shooting sports is banned in the territory of Maryland. It is legal to own one in states to the west, south, and north of it (West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania).

People cannot protect themselves in the state of Maryland without being threatened by the state 'to take everything away from them'. Ideally this means that the only people carrying guns, if every single person complied- are criminals and law enforcement. Criminals are free to continue to push drugs, have territory wars or just flat out murder people that they do not like. With revolving doors in jails, a corrupt police force and a corrupt state government we have the perfect ingredients for a rogue territory. For those that carry a firearm in the state of Maryland with or without a permit in defiance of the decree- we call them Patriots. They put everything on the line.

Crime is statistically 'up' for the majority of territories that implement harsh gun controls. Although Chicago was forced- and believe me, we had to shove them to the floor (metaphorically) and drag them kicking and screaming- to implement concealed carry laws it is still a haven for corruption and crime. They think that they have solved the problem of crime by 'getting rid of the guns' but it just gets worse. Then they blame 'us' for the influx of guns into 'their' territories. The problem isn't the gun, which is a tool. It's a problem of criminal culture, gangs, poverty, economic downturn and government corruption. It sounds a lot easier to scapegoat the gun, right?

A person living in Maryland cannot protect themselves at home or on their property with a semi-automatic rifle. Harsh controls put Marylanders in more danger as they cannot adequately defend their property with guns designed for hunting or butchered capacity guns. More specifically- they are banned from owning a myriad of weapons from AK's to AR-15's. These weapons are lawful and can be used in both the shooting sports and as a defensive tool. I think that banning, registering and (eventually confiscating) them is morally wrong, ethically wrong and unconstitutional. It is also a red line that the state does not want to cross.

Come to Pennsylvania away from the direct urban centers. We own these semi-automatic rifles and believe it is perfectly natural and normal to use them in the shooting sports, for life & liberty, home defense and other lawful purposes. Our people in the commonwealth respect the right to keep and bear arms. Our state constitution says that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be questioned- but whether bureaucrats play around with that message is irrelevant. Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and local governments in Lancaster, Reading, Wilkes-Barre and Bethlehem has very little tolerance- almost zero- for gun control.

The final shit stain on Maryland's policies is the lack of castle doctrine. If you had to defend yourself legally from a violent break in your property with a firearm- and you ended up killing the violent offender- your ass is going to jail and your weapons confiscated- because as far as the state sees it you just committed murder.

Repealing these gun controls won't have a total impact on violent crime. It will help- but the problem is much bigger than scapegoating a tool that is used or misused. I feel bad for my fellow Americans trapped outside of the free US because I do not see a solution anytime soon with the entire state government sanctioning tyranny.

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