July 31, 2017

Democrats Call For More Gun Bans

Anti-rights advocates have always been annoying- but now those in political power want to use their positions to violate house rules. One such representative is Robin Kelly. Her goal is to continue to read- on my dime by the way- the names of those killed in accidental or gang related shootings with the express intent of banning, registering, then confiscating private firearms.

The answer is 'no'.

Ruger's SR-556 chambered in 5.56 x 45mm. Semi-automatic.

She claims that 'we know policy solutions work'. This is a lie- the so called 'assault weapons ban' did jack shit. Gun control in Chicago has not worked. Crime is a problem in places in the United States where jails are a revolving door. She says we have to do something about 'gun violence'. Well what about pillow violence, fist violence and knife violence? what about car violence? violence is violence. There is no need- or intelligence- to affixing the word 'gun' in front of 'violence'. The only purpose that serves is to scare unintelligent people.

She claims her failed programs have bipartisan support. That is also a lie. She cites phony statistics to back up her argument. That sample size included 169 so called 'members' of the National Rifle Association. The data is in question. If only 169 were surveyed- that is only 0.00338% of the total membership. Even then the number is smaller because the amount of NRA members has increased thanks to democrats.

Her 'policy solutions' include gun trafficking solutions (perhaps), ban, register then confiscate 'assault weapons' and a moral crusade to teach kids that guns are evil.

I laugh at her ludicrous beliefs. And if she wants the lawfully owned guns of patriotic Americans- she better bring SWAT or the US Military with her to come and get them.

The answer is 'no'. At the end of the day her opinions don't matter. This is a constitutionally recognized right and I will not back down from this.

...but what about the children? wouldn't you want to give your guns in to save the life of just one child?

"no". Start locking the dipshit gangster up and melt the keys.

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