June 6, 2014

Mosin M91/30

There are many things I could say that have already been said about this rifle. The Mosin-Nagant M91/30 was a main service rifle of the Soviet infantry during World War II. It fires the 7.62 by 54mmR cartridge, which has the distinction of being the longest serving rifle round in history.

I picked mine up last week in Pennsylvania because I wanted to upgrade to something bigger than a .22lr but was affordable to shoot. The Mosin, for its historical value and decent quality for the price fit the bill. I ended up paying $175 out the door with taxes and regulatory fees. After passing my background check I happily paid for the rifle and immediately took it home.

I will talk about the history of my rifle briefly. It is an (eevishk) Izhvesk 1942 with matching barrel, magazine, butt plate, bolt and bayonet. However- the rifle went through the arsenal refurbishment process and was fit with a new rear sight and stock, likely because the stock used in the war was beat to all hell. This is a round receiver and no indications were present that the rifle was ever fitted with a scope. According to the definitive source of all things Mosin, there is a 99% chance that this weapon was issued during WWII. This is a 72 year old rifle. It is about as old as my grandfather.

Because of the historical value (not monetary value) of the weapon, I will not be doing any permanent mods to this piece of history. Purists will cry fowl already because I installed (and saved the original) a new recoil pad. I am somewhere in between 'I will do what I want' and 'preserve the history of the rifle'. I plan on putting it into a Monte Carlo stock, but first painting that stock russian tiger camou. Then, I want to knock out the rear sight and put in UTG's rail. I will put a cheap red dot on it and probably call it that. If it needs additional recoil control, I will put a clamp on muzzle break onto the end of the barrel.

All of these modifications are reversible. For those thinking that I am 'dehonoring the spirit of the rifle' I would get over it. I am not making permanent modifications and am making the rifle easier to shoot. Don't anthropamorphize guns: they are tools. I respect the fact that a soviet infantryman carried this weapon into war- but if I was tin foil hat crazy about keeping it original, I can always uninstall my modifications and put the mosin back into its original condition.

With that said, it is a blast to shoot. I might do a brief review on it- because a lot of people on youtube have already done the weapon justice. There isn't anything I can really add.

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