May 27, 2014

Hypocrisy and Double Standards Abound



I’m on vacation at the moment, on this stormy day of May 27, 2014 somewhere in Michigan. I’ve had a very good time visiting friends and family during this Memorial Day weekend where we celebrate and honor those who have made all levels of sacrifice for our freedoms and our nation. Before my trip out of the commonwealth, I learned that my great uncle, whom I never knew, served the United States Marine Corps. In 1942 aboard the USS Heywood bound for Guadalcanal, and eventually Okinawa. Previously there had been no known records of World War I or World War II service in our family- until I found out about the son of my great grandfather. In other words- he was my grandmother’s brother, and more than that- a man who fought for his country and for a future.


With that said, I do want to say that that is not the intent of my video, or this article- depending on if you are reading it or hearing it. I want to talk more about gun control, double standards and hypocrisy. I have previously called gun control advocates hypocrites, but perhaps you did not understand what I was exactly trying to convey. At the face of it, it did sound like I was making a general statement. However, this issue really does run deeper than the skin.


Hypocrisy is defined, by Google as having a ‘moral standard’ to which ones statements or actions does not conform. To a degree, on a multitude of issues most people can be said to be hypocritical in some respect of scope. However, we aren’t talking about misguided individuals who are extremely dense. They are part of the issue, but the issue I am digging at is much more insidious. It’s the politician or activist who purposefully contorts the truth in an effort to make an agenda reality.


Colion Noir inspired me to write the script for this article and video. Honestly if more people thought logically and detached themselves from emotions from time to time on critical issues, I do think our world would be in a better state than it is. No matter who you ask, pretty much everyone agrees that the world is going to ‘hell in a handbasket’.

I am very concerned about the state of people in this nation for many reasons. In particular- about people who choose not to think for themselves and blindly follow what they see or what they are told. When we had this ‘called for’ ‘national dialogue’ on ‘gun violence’, which in of itself is a juvenile term, people were morally appalled by violent acts committed with firearms.


But in the same breath, these people believe it is morally OK to derive entertainment from sources, such as Beyonce’s new video, which glorify murder with guns because it ‘isn’t really happening’. That video encourages a culture and view of firearms that is not inclusive of the entire story- and people would have you believe that that is the only way to portray firearms. To me, that is about as messed up as an angry person going online telling a superior gamer that he is going to find where he lives and kill him.


Immediately we can see a double standard. Why? People selectively say the same thing is ‘OK’ and ‘not OK’ depending upon which context something is being used. It becomes IMMEDIATELY egregious when these same people, who hold this double standard, attack those who attempt to portray firearms as a safe, responsible measure to have fun while at the same time put food on the table and defend their home and love ones.


If that wasn’t outrageous enough, some have the chutzpah to define the landscape of society by labeling a fundamental right as something bad; that should be forbidden or banished. This is where, I believe- brainwashing by mainstream media outlets kicks in. It’s destructive enough that people and organizations harbor these double standards, but it becomes a threat to liberty when these beliefs are acted upon, and either activists or politicians take it upon themselves to attempt to disarm the American people, to their disadvantage- in attempted chunks.


Why are people entertained by the very things that they abhorred months or even years ago? Is it because they believe that firearms are bad? That they should be forbidden, and that which is forbidden should be longed for? If certain anti-rights activists claim that a culture of violence is to blame, why are these same people enjoying (and encouraging) these same views? It’s not just Hollywood’s problem, but a problem about people in general. I think their ‘standards’ are about as backwards as you can get. Perverse, in a sense. I have no real way to explain a perverse nature, but I can say that in the anti-gun community more focus is put on firearms themselves (the tools themselves have no conscience) rather than on the people who need help or need to be barred from having them.


The destructive ends come when Congress refuses. Outright refuses- to pass legislation that makes it a requirement to report dangerous people to NICS on the grounds that it doesn’t focus enough on their perceived problem- the fundamentally flawed idea that American citizens need to be stripped of their arms and rely on the government for everything. That, by definition is what a rogue government is.


Furthermore. And I allude to what Coloin Noir has talked about on this issue. Gun owners shouldn’t be attacked- we should be condemning criminals and getting those who are dangerous to society on lists so that they cannot legally purchase a gun from an FFL dealer. Putting fear into the minds of clueless Americans isn’t having the impact that it used to in the mid 90’s.


Why is race always an issue with this country? When I see a black man at a range with an AR-15, I don’t see him as a gang banger or a gospel preacher or anything like that. Stereotypes piss me the hell off. When followed, they institute a norm that assumes because of your race or background that you will act, behave and follow a certain creed or set of rules. I see that man as an American, and potentially as a friend who I can discuss my hobby with.


I have said it many times and I will say it again. For better or for worse, the world is changing. It always has and always will. Firearms, and their lawful use for defense, fun, hunting, or otherwise- is NOT relegated to an elite club of old men in their senior years with double barreled shotguns. Forget the Fudds and forget what society is telling you to believe.

Our rights are not relegated to old men or Fudds in this category. Propagating this lie, that certain firearms are meant for certain groups of people is disingenuous and destructive. There will be no true effective way to stop a hell bent criminal, who passed a background check from using his legally purchased firearm to kill people. Police won’t be able to be there all of the time, and neither will security. Taking rights away from law abiding people won’t stop the criminals either- and these measures seek to punish the citizen for the crimes of lunatics- one of the ultimate perversions. Maybe, just maybe- it’s a good idea to increase the number of conceal carry holders out there by showing light to a lawful activity that, with training has the ability to save lives.


The country is too perverse to see the truth- that guns save lives, and that no amount of background checks would have stopped an under the radar lunatic from doing what he does. It’s almost like the blatant refusal by Congress is not only a complicit order to violence, but a move to violently persuade sheep that firearms are best in the hands of police and the government only.


I vehemently disagree; from a constitutional and tactical standpoint.





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