May 8, 2014

Anti-2nd Amendment Movements Could Be In Trouble in November

Signs I am seeing indicate that there could be a major upset in November. We aren't here to talk politics; on failed policies or successful initiatives- but on the merits of gun ownership, safe handling, and unfortunately- the gun politics that sit in the back seat.

The only two forms of gun control I readily endorse are 1) 4473 background checks at gun stores and at gun shows (YES, they are done at gun shows!) and 2) Penalizing careless gun owners who give access (inadvertently or on purpose) to children or unauthorized persons in the home to firearms (not including burglars).

NRA Digs A Concrete Moat
In 1994, when the democrats banned semi-automatic rifles with certain cosmetic features- a majority agreed with the move until a couple of months later when the bill had no impact on crime whatsoever. Studies done after that bill made a sunset indicated that it had no impact on crime. The unthinkable happened- Americans were pissed, and the democrats lost control of Congress in 1996.

When the ban came, the NRA, along with the NSSF and the gun industry bent over and opened their cheeks wide and far apart. With the push in January 2013 to confiscate, ban and destroy private firearms, a huge backlash ensued among gun owners both experienced and new. The NRA, this time, along with industry leaders and other activist groups adopted the stance 'from my cold dead hands' and cemented their feet into a concrete moat. They aren't going anywhere and they aren't yielding.

This 2013 push, sparked by a tragedy massacre that occurred in a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school initially had some bite with a strong jaw pressure. However- in the overall fight for gun rights in America, the Brady Campaign and Mayors Against Guns (MAG) now known as Everytown began to lose steam around January 2014.

These anti-gun, anti-self defense, anti-2nd amendment groups spouted out lie after lie and misrepresentation of facts to the point where it became ridiculous. One politician said people can readily buy 'assault weapons' that shoot 30 rounds in under a fraction of a second (nope). Another politician said that 'they should just ban magazines because when shooters are done with them, you simply throw them away' (nope).

Damage the Brady Campaign (and the Feds) Have Done to Law Abiding Citizens from 2013 on
The alliances behind Everytown, when we take Bloomberg out of the equation fall squarely on the Brady Campaign and George Soros, who have actively sought the destruction of the 2nd amendment. Since the 1970s, they have had a three step plan to accomplish that goal. The first step was to ban all pistols. This worked in the federal enclave of Columbia and Chicago, Illinois. The next step was to register all private firearms. Finally, with that complete, the third step was to force confiscation. Now that their first step has been derailed (in 2010), they are focusing on undermining the rights enshrined in the 2nd amendment, which in turn make families less safe.

Maryland passed draconian laws, including registration. New York is moving to ban anything without Micro-stamping technology. California is in the process of doing so. Connecticut has also passed registration schemes. Colorado faced a political invasion as Bloomberg (Everytown) injected millions to take away rights from Coloradans. These people are affected by an aggregious overreach of government power that believes, as each day passes, that it must control the lives of its citizens. BATFE, among many other atrocities (death of a border patrol agent) has defied court orders to do what it pleases under the direction of Eric Holder and Barack Obama (US President).

Collectively- between Connecticut and New York, approximately 5-10% of people who own firearms registered their arms in one of the biggest demonstrations of mass civil disobedience in US history. Both states are silent on the issue.

In many cases, such as when Maryland State Police held people on the beltway at gunpoint without a warrant, or even to Pennsylvania's recent ruling that the 4th amendment no longer applies in vehicles, or to New York's registration schemes I have urged non-compliance. Passive, peaceful non-compliance is the only way to get our message across. Our forefathers warned that getting riled up for piss poor reasons is a bad decision, and only through consistent, long, and insufferable terms should the people forcefully take back their country.

It's eight o clock to midnight. Approaching nine.

Many states saw expansion on restrictions for law abiding gun owners without seeing any difference in crime. This is because punishing law abiding citizens is easier than doing the right thing- and that is to keep criminals incarcerated.

Many states have seen expansions in gun laws to protect citizens, including stonewalled legislation in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Texas, and many other states like Florida.

Drake extremely important
I have reported before that the Supreme Court has blatantly stated that it is afraid to set precedent on the 2nd amendment. With splits in the circuit courts, and after maybe two dozen attempts (that's over 20) of denied case hearings, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of Drake, a man from New Jersey who was denied a carry permit because he didn't have a good enough reason to carry a gun, known as may-issue.

May-issue is unconstitutional for a myriad of reasons, which I will not go over. Regardless of what any court says- or any pro-2nd amendment or anti-2nd amendment advocate tells you, the Bill of Rights enshrines rights granted to you at birth or when you join this nation. Some say immediately at birth. Others add God into the factor. The point is the same. You can take away an amendment (extremely hard to do) recognizing a right, but you cannot take away that right without expecting conflict.

It may take 1-2 years for them to move on this case, but if they rule by the seat of their pants and strike down may-issue permitting, states like California, Maryland, New York and Hawaii can kiss their illegal systems good-bye. Americans disproportionately affected will be able to lawfully obtain a permit and carry a gun, within certain bounds and rules of course.

The Violence Policy Center labels CCP holders as 'monsters' and 'killers'. I'm not interested in vigilante justice. I am interested in protecting myself, and only as a last resort. There is no justifiable reason to set up a killing field for potential burglars or to shoot someone I disagree with. Those who abuse their rights will be held accountable. Unlike our government.  I have no duty to retreat, but I am not looking to escalate a confrontation, either.

November Elections
After the worst push to eradicate the 2nd amendment in US history, I can see the real possibility of the democrats losing the senate. If the GOP gains control of Congress, I will laugh giddily like a Japanese school girl. This will effectively throw anti-2nd amendment activists up against the wall of a Gravitron where they are largely unable to move.

If the makeup remains the same where the Senate is controlled by the DEM and the house by the GOP, they will begin pushing for gun control again because of the least possible risk of pissing people off right after elections (generally, they try to stay coy before elections, then after elections begin pushing hard. That's how the world works: most pol).

If the DEM gain control of Congress, which I do not see happening, they will hammer through a permanent semi-automatic ban complete with every wishlist item on their agenda. To that note I will not comply. I have rights that they do not recognize.

I do not see the DEM gaining control of Congress, but the very real possibility that the GOP gains control or nothing changes. If the GOP gains control, the president is an expired duck in the water (early swan song) and the next two years will become a tit for tat between the executive and legislative branch.

-As always, be peaceful to other people and law enforcement.

-Don't go looking for trouble.

-If those who shouldn't touch them are in the house, lock up your firearms in a safe and/or with trigger locks.

-Store ammo and magazines separately from your guns. Drop safeties and the 'uncommonness' of some magazines will slow down a thief. While a thief can get a BX-25 easily, he will have a harder time (and spend more effort) finding a magazine for something like a Bersa.

-Tell the feds and BATFE to blow a big one.

-Do not let law enforcement or government personnel inside of your home (or on your property) without a warrant. Ask to see this warrant, even under threat of taser, arrest or death. There have been cases where law enforcement have threatened to kill peaceful citizens. Stand up for your rights.

-Keep records of information (not on a computer) available for law enforcement in case someone does steal your firearms.

-Invest in a GPS tracker and item insurance. Let police know where the safe is moving.

-Both GOP and DEM can be anti-gun, but only the DEM party has declared a war on guns and gun owners.

-Follow the cardinal rules of gun safety, not what Everytown says. They just want your guns and to make you less safe.

-The NRA is the biggest muscle of the gun lobby, but there are many more.

-In a home defense situation, it is ideal to have a safe room and retreat to a safe room, even if the room you are in has to be it. You have no duty to retreat, but a well planned safe room adds to your defense that you did everything possible not to shoot an intruder, armed or not. Know where you are firing and what is beyond it.

-If a shot intruder moves or reaches for a weapon, shoot him again until he no longer becomes a threat. Do not attend to the intruder and do not go near him (likely a him). Absolutely do not go near him, even if he cries for his mother, his God, or for any form of help. It could be a trap. His potential death is unfortunate, but the death of you or a family member is even more unacceptable.

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