April 11, 2014

Gun Ban Imminent

I've said it before and I will say it agian- Obummer isn't a fool with an Ivy League degree. He knows what he is doing- and so do 82 members of Congress who have openly asked him to ban 'military style weapons' because they are 'weapons of war' and 'serve no sporting purpose'.

How wrong they are. The Saiga series of rifles were built to be sporters. According to information I have received- they want to go after all imports into this country.

Say goodbye to your Croatian made Springfield XDs or your Smiths made by Carl Walther. Say goodbye to your saigas, your ackdolls and your AKs- the government is coming for them.

But I use a saiga for sporting purposes! you might say.


The government has deemed you are not fit to use it for sporting purposes. Therefore, it wants to ban them. Here is the bucket list:

Prohibit importation of all non-sporting, semiautomatic rifles, regardless of caliber, that can accept or be readily converted to accept any large-capacity ammunition magazine of more than 10 rounds.  The standard should not be dependent on the military pedigree of the gun nor should it make arbitrary distinctions based on the configuration of a specific gun’s magazine well.  Such a standard will prevent importers from making slight variations in a gun’s design that in the past would make it eligible for import.

•         Prohibit the import of non-sporting semiautomatic rifles with fixed magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds.  A new standard should anticipate the potential development of fixed-magazine rifles with high-capacity ammunition magazines.
•         Prohibit the import of the frame or receiver of any prohibited rifle whether or not the frame or receiver is incorporated into a fully manufactured firearm.  The “frame or receiver” of any firearm is its major working component and is defined by the Gun Control Act of 1968 as a “firearm.”
•         Prohibit the practice of importing military-style, non-sporting rifles in parts and then constructing them into fully functioning weapons once they are in the country by adding a requisite number of U.S.-made parts.
•         Prohibit importers from circumventing any new restrictions by “sporterizing” their weapons (for example, making slight cosmetic changes to the guns while still retaining their firepower and capacity, such as incorporating “thumbhole stocks” in place of pistol grips on rifles).
•         Prohibit the import of AK-type pistols in addition to AK-type rifles, as they also fail the sporting-purposes test.

After they ban these weapons- which are used for target shooting, sport and home defense everyday- their next step is to come and take them from you. As usual, you are urged to not comply with ATF or the federal government so long as they continue to come after your weapons.

Congress may want the ban now, but I guarantee the criminal will enforce the ban after midterm elections in November.

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