April 21, 2014

Drake v. Jerejian

I would be pleasantly surprised if the US Supreme Court took the case Drake v. Jerejian. However, previous precedent dictates that the US Supreme Court, from their own words, are 'afraid' to set standing precedent on the issue of the 2nd amendment.

In this case, a man was denied a conceal carry permit in the state of New Jersey. He was not a felon and had a clean record. This violated his rights enshrined in the Constitution.

Attorney Generals supporting the plaintiff in the suit have argued that differences in circuit court rulings (7th circuit, 9th circuit, etc) lead to the perfect and ideal opportunity for the Supreme Court to resolve the matter. Unfortunately, in their own words, the Supreme Court is afraid of setting precedent.

Regardless of what precedent is at the moment, it is a fundamental right of all US citiziens, upon their birth or joining of the nation to keep and bear arms for the defense of themselves, their family, property, the state and the nation.

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