March 24, 2014

Fox Not Being Fair With Cosmos?

We're going to be skirting along the perimeter of the rules here in discussion of Fox's reboot of the classic 'Cosmos' series narrated by Neil Degrasse Tyson. Great guy by the way.

The issue here is not Cosmos itself- but the argument that Creationists are putting forth that asserts 'creationism' is legitimate scientific theory. It is intellectually dishonest to equate legitimate, empirical science with a theory (if it can be called a theory) that is unfalsifiable and has time and time again had holes poked right through the thin skin of the theory. While we won't discuss what creationism is on RGN or Plamotaku, scientific evidence such as the now proven theory of the Big Bang and the fossil record all assert that humanity has been around for more than 10,000 years- AND the universe is a lot more complicated than the simple model that creationism presents.

I have my own personal opinion of the theory of creationism, but that won't be discussed here. As a scientist, I reverberate the comment that it is intellectually dishonest to propose falsehoods as science when they have already been proven wrong.

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