March 13, 2014

Anti-Gunners Want Police to Protect Their Kids- Without Bringing Guns Into Schools. WTF?

I can't fathom the ultimate hypocrisy of anti-gunners. Their stance is a zero tolerance policy on guns in schools. They don't understand the devices- they don't want to- and they fear them.

In order to protect children- they want guns out of schools. It doesn't matter who is using them- they don't want cops, armed security or teachers having access to firearms. They want cops to show up immediately (they take around 5-10 minutes) and handle an active shooter situation.

A posted school resource officer (usually a police officer) with a firearm is; and has been proven to be- an excellent deterrent and tool for stopping a mass shooter. They expect the police to show up and save the day- and to be there instantaneously- but at the same time- don't want them in the school to begin with until the shooting starts.

What the fuck.

I have no problems supporting well armed, trained and screened individuals working for the school system (such as teachers and janitors) carrying or having access to a lockbox containing a gun. I would feel much safer knowing my child goes to a school where there is an armed police officer, an armed staff member, or if both have access to a hidden lockbox containing a tool they need to stop a madman (or woman).

Seriously. Get the fuck over your emotions and look at the situation from a logical standpoint. A plastic sign 'forbidding weapons' on school property won't make kids safer- let alone keep guns out of schools. Zero tolerance signs have worked extremely well for keeping drugs out of schools- not.

SAVE THE CHILDREN! USE ANYTHING BUT A GUN! There is zero logic behind that statement. Guns save lives.

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