February 25, 2014

The Top 10 States With the Worst Gun Laws In The Nation

Beware: if you value your 2nd amendment rights you should either leave or not move to the following locations. This study I conducted used data I found on the internet and used multiple points of aim (no pun intended) to determine which states were gun friendly- or restrictive. This is the top 10 list for the most restrictive. This list includes Washington DC.

I will come back later and fill out the article with why these states, some 'socialist republics' in their own right, are on the list.

#10- Iowa and Washington State (tie)
#9- Michigan
#8- Virginia
#7- Rhode Island
#6- Illinois
#5- California
#4- Connecticut
#3- Hawaii/Massachusetts
#2- Maryland and New York (tie)
#1- New Jersey and Washington DC (tie)

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