January 20, 2014

Schwank 'Not Running' for Senate Seat Next Election

Judy Schwank (Democrat), who happens to be one of my state government representatives is choosing not to run for office when her term is up. This is a golden opportunity to secure more confidence in second amendment rights in the state of Pennsylvania.

While Pennsylvania is pro-gun, it maintains an old school democratic outlook. Chances cannot be taken in this day and age when neighbors such as New York are considering confiscation of private firearms.

In the very recent past, three mayors of Pennsylvania towns- Butler, Pottstown (and another that escapes the mind) were kicked out of office for joining Michael Bloomberg's Mayors Against Guns organization.

PA will have NONE of it when it comes to talks of confiscation and registration. When Michael Bloomberg attempted to push his agenda south of the New York border- he had to go through us to Maryland. Pennsylvania residents STRONGLY support their gun rights, and will NOT have them infringed upon by a billionaire aiming to shred the Constitution.

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