January 24, 2014

RGN Showing Healthy Numbers

I started RobsGamingNetwork in March of 2011 because I was sick of watching commercials on TV. Content ranges from video games to guns to model kits. Since the 2014 redesign, RGN has seen a boost of 31.88% in video views over the past month and a 27.03% boost in content watched. I think this is a healthy trend because it has been steady now for about 2 weeks.

I am disappointed that model kit videos aren't gaining the popularity I want them to. I enjoy doing those videos and I will continue to do them. I initially ran the numbers to see how Guns and Steel compared to Video Games- an I am relieved to say that the channel isn't morphing into a guns only channel- but boasts a healthy portion of the total viewership. It is obvious that games will take up a large portion of the pie.

For those of you interested in card games- I apologize. I am not really that interested in card games anymore after Blizzard canceled the World of Warcraft TCG. Those videos remain popular, however. Something that has taken an utter crap is 2 minute drills. Time is better spent on other content- so I am probably going to pull the 2 minute drills series.

Misc stuff refers to anything that doesn't fit in a below category- like videos of cats. All in all I am pleased with the way RGN is evolving- we are slated for 65,000-80,000 views this year, which is a big increase from 2013, and a monumental one from 2012.

Thanks for supporting RGN and Plamotaku.

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