January 9, 2014

Negligent Discharge, Not Accidental Mrs. Combs

 Leslie Combs, a democratic politician inside the state of Kentucky, USA- was cleaning her autoloading pistol in her office when she negligently discharged it. Most people who negligently discharge a firearm will claim 'I did not know it was loaded'. This is exactly what Mrs. Combs claimed.

However, 'as a strong supporter of 2nd amendment rights and carriage' she brushed aside the seriousness of the accident as 'something that happens with gun ownership'.

No it doesn't. It happens when you are a dolt and don't know how to clear your weapon. What if the gun was angled at a different direction and someone was accidentally struck? thankfully no one was injured past a quick scare.

Mrs Combs, in our Commonwealth of Pennsylvania you cannot discharge a weapon in public and get away with it. I was going to argue that politicians are 1st class and can get away with these things until I read that it is legal in Kentucky to carry into government buildings. I hope that is the case, because if it is not- it means that you and I live under a different set of rules and laws. The governors and the governed, this is not what our country was founded upon.

I strongly urge you to learn how to safely clear a firearm in the future. Even if you THINK the gun is clear, it may be loaded. Every single time I clean or field strip a firearm I clear the damn gun. Every time I am handed a firearm from another person, I safety clear the gun, even if I just saw the person safety clear that firearm. Every time I give a gun to someone to inspect, I clear the gun. Then I tell them to clear the gun themselves.

You can NEVER be too safe handling firearms. Please understand that these are lethal weapons and anti-gun news media are using this as ammunition to paint law abiding gun owners as irresponsible.

Your actions were irresponsible. You can amend the situation by changing your habits on firearms safety. Let me remind you the core tenants of 'gun safety':

1) Never point at anything you don't intend to destroy.
2) Keep your finger off of the trigger until ready to fire.
3) Know what is beyond your target.
4) When taking possession of a firearm or handing off a firearm, safety clear the gun. Safety clear the gun BEFORE cleaning or inspecting.


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