January 3, 2014

Guns and Steel 034- Freaking Sweet, Range Time!

Despite the freezing temperatures of 18F (-7 Celsius) and numb hands, I did enjoy myself down at the range. I figured those backplates were steel- but they are some kind of rubber. Here's to hoping the replace them soon- they look really worn out.

After 7 months on a shooting hiatus- not bad. If those were defensive shots they are all in the kill zone. My .380 acp shots weren't bad either- all in the kill zone, and that's what counts. Still, I aim (no pun intended) to improve my marksmanship on all fronts- rifle, pistol and shotgun- so there is always a perfect group that I can strive towards.

Not bad at all. I left early because I forgot my gloves, I was cold, and it began to snow. Though really I don't care if it's snowing- my hands were numb and cramped. Still worth the drive though. I can't wait to get back out there on a warmer day.

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