January 7, 2014

For Immediate Release- Gun Shop Ban in Chicago, IL Declared 'Unconstitutional'

A federal judge has ruled that Chicago's blanket ban on gun stores inside city limits is unconstitutional. In his report, the judge claimed that the city of Chicago failed on all counts to prove that preventing law abiding citizens from obtaining firearms was the right decision to stop gang bangers. Obviously it isn't- Chicago was murder capital of the United States in 2013. Chicago thought it was a brilliant idea, to prevent criminals from getting guns- that law abiding citizens needed to be stripped of their rights. The judge saw through the gun control scheme and stayed his order pending appeal.

The mayor's office claimed it will manage new policies to help gun shops currently in the city. This is a lie, as there is no range or gun shop within Chicago, IL city limits. Chicago's excuse for taking away rights from law abiding citizens was that:

1) historical precedence deemed they were correct
2) more gun laws prevents gun crime
3) stopping legal purchases stops gun crime
4) more guns means more violence

What is happening, however is that the city, which runs the city of Illinois via the Chicago Way (a democratic political machine) is permanently damaging law abiding citizens' rights. They damaged my rights when I lived there, and when they refused to rectify the situation I had two options: resist or leave. I left.

This is good news for gun shop owners who want to set up shop in the Windy City. Be warned: this will be appealed by Rahm Emanuel, member of Mayors Against Guns, more taxpayer dollars will be wasted, and even if this case goes through for a victory for the people, Chicago will find some slimy back way in to make gun shops an impossibility in the city. To them, guns are evil and are directly responsible for people dying.

It is the user behind the tool who uses it for a particular purpose, intended or not. Not the object itself. To call an object a 'baby killer' or 'assault X' is extremely childish when it is the user of the tool doing the killing or assaulting.

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