January 21, 2014

Cuomo: If You Support the Constitution, Get Out of MY State

Andrew Cuomo, among many other comments made the other day 'proudly' stated that supporters of the 2nd amendment, and thus the Constitution, need to leave the state of New York. Furthermore, he said that supporters of the Constitution and the 2nd amendment are 'not who we are' as New Yorkers.

This man no longer has the constitutional republic or his constituents in mind, but is on a massive power trip to radically transform our republic. The other comments were in regards to the abortion debate; something we do not discuss on Plamotaku or RobsGamingNetwork.

It has been obvious from the get go that through his SAFE act legislation, Cuomo sought the complete destruction of the 2nd amendment by wishing to confiscate private firearms, among other restrictions. I am nothing short of absolutely furious at this man, because my ancestors from my patralineal line came from Saratoga New York, were gun rights supporters and fought for this nation's liberty and independence.

Cuomo now wants to soil this bloodshed in the name of a Constitutional republic so that he can spread his message of socialism and disarmament of the populous. His message of complete reliance on the government for every aspect of our lives is appalling, egregious, disgusting and borders on Communism. He has lost any sense of being an American and he is a direct threat to the people of New York and the United States.

Under no circumstances should you consider the man genuine. He does not have your interests in mind, or this country's well being in mind. He wants power, he is on a grab and he WILL have his way if you let him. Sadly, 7 of 10 New Yorkers support the douche bag. Do me a favor Cuomo, and I am calling you out right here, right now. You keep your shit north of our border in your own country. New Yorkers may take it in the ass as they are star struck by your 'exceptionalism', but the minute you tell Pennsylvania to follow your mission of disarmament and constitution shredding, there will be an open revolt.

- A Libertarian

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