January 12, 2014

California Making Law Abiding Gun Owners 'Criminals'

Like the state of Illinois, the socialist republic of California aims to punish law abiding citizens and to make them criminals by outlawing ammunition; then requiring a 'permit' to purchase this non-existent 'ammunition' all in the name of stopping felons from getting ammo. California, with support of groups like PETA has banned any and all lead ammunition (most ammunition).  Instead, they could; after the driver's license ID inspection enter the name into a database to see if the person is a felon.

No. the socialist republic has boldly claimed it 'isn't done and isn't satisfied' in punishing law abiding gun owners.

It goes without saying that these measures are a blatant violation of the United States Constitution, and I urge non-compliance if you live in a country bordering the United States, such as California or New York.

Chicago has instituted a similar program for the state of Illinois (the city of Chicago RUNS the state of Illinois) and it has not led to a reduction in homicides that they wanted to see. In retaliation, they will push to punish law abiding citizens harder. You are urged to not comply (it is your civic duty, whether you like it or not).

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