December 26, 2013

Jul Adds Kits to the Stockpile

Ok, so I didn't get the rifle that I wanted. It's not a big deal because I got a ton of gunpla (gundam plastic models). I have a list on my machine at home called the price/desire chart. In it, I have a database which lists things I want, in this case, plastic models, the grade, the cost, and on a scale of 1-10 how bad I want to build it. I then take the price and divide it by the desire value. This new value, price/desire, is then sorted from smallest to largest. This will ensure that when I buy my new projects, I get the most satisfaction out of the cheapest possible available price. The database came through for me this Jul when I asked for some kits off a list I produced and got them all.

I obtained a perfect grade, a master grade and three real grades. I had HGs on the list, but I figured that if I am going after lower shipping costs and quality that I go for RGs. I was surprised by the size of the box for the PG- it had me completely fooled. The GATX-105 Strike Gundam is from the Gundam Seed series. I do not like that anime series at all, giving it multiple attempts over the years. What I do like, however is the mobile suit design, which was touched up by Okawara. The kit features less parts than the PG MK-II, but shares the same high level of detail. I am disappointed the kit did not come with water slides. Come on, Bandai.

I also got the Master Grade Jesta. I wanted the HG version for the longest time, but then heard about the release of the MG. The price was right, so I requested it as a gift. It looks like it will be a ton of fun to assemble and paint, not to mention that this kit comes highly recommended. I can't wait to get it assembled and painted. Both the PG strike and the MG Jesta will benefit from a custom made LED unit that I will develop in AutoCAD.

The three RGs I got were the Aile Strike, the RX-78-2 and the GP01 Full Burnern (Vernies). I am kind of regretting asking for the RG RX-78-2, but it isn't a bad thing that I am building one in a 1/144 package- my glass display cabinet only has so much room in it to fit a finite number of kits before I need to go buy another one. All three kits came highly recommended and were optimal for price/desire savings, which I have been using to good effect.

Here is what I have going on right now, besides the cat laying on the mouse right next to me:

WIP: MG Wing Zero Proto

PG MK-II Titans
PG GATX-105 Strike
MG Sandrock
MG Jesta
RG MK-II Titans (needs weathering)
RG Aile Strike
RG RX-78-2
RG GP01 Full Vernies

That's a lot of kits- and there will be even more additions to the stockpile when March rolls around. Sazabi ver. Ka eventually, yes- but there are a lot of kits out there that I want to build that will get me more savings.

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