December 26, 2013 Shut Down for Over Two Weeks

I am a bit concerned about the lack of admin-ship over at Previously we had a hacker on that board hack the forums for well over a month, causing redirects and other annoying pop-ups to prove the size of his penis to his fellow hackers. Now the site is running into HTTP 500 Internal Server Error problems. My computer back on the east coast can't connect to the website and neither can my parents' computer in the mid-west.

I am concerned and disappointed because we had a nice small gunpla community on that board and we all got along pretty well. It's just a dang shame because I have had updates to my projects and I can't integrate my account there with the work posted on RobsGamingNetwork and The Guy With Not Enough Time On His Hands (also known as the Plamotaku! Blog).

There were also some nice resources on that board that are now missing or gone. I have an idea for a custom built LED unit modeled after Bandai's LED light units. This will be an open source DIY project and I intend on making no money off of the design. I just do not feel like locating and shipping these LED units from Japan to the United States when I have the basic knowledge of circuit design and soldering.

Stay tuned for that design. I am excited to begin designing it around a watch battery or two.

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