November 21, 2013

'You should have just left the store'

I made this point perfectly clear in Guns and Steel Episode 29. The gist of that episode was that locally- two men walked into a convenience store and drew guns on everybody. When they left the store they trained their guns on a concealed carry permit holder, who drew his gun and fired. Parents of the deceased felons said what amounts to 'you don't do that; when your life is in danger you call the police'.

I'd like to politely remind everybody that the police are not your bodyguards- they are responders (to what happens AFTER the crime takes place) and incident reporters. They will take you away in a body bag. In our local case, the parents of the deceased were angry that law abiding citizens were allowed to protect themselves and demanded 'justice'.

Something similar has happened in Mobile, Alabama. Someone attempted to rob the store at gunpoint and was shot when they turned to aim at a conceal carry permit holder. The permit holder and patrons inside the building were in immediate danger of being killed by an armed robber, and the only thing the family has to say is 'you should have left the store and went about your business'.

I will say it one more time. I have the inalienable right to keep and bear arms in defense of myself, the state, my loved ones and the nation. If I am put into immediate danger by an armed robber, I will respond with every possible avenue before I have to use lethal force. The permit holder attempted to disarm the robber at gunpoint, but the robber would have none of it. We will have a very strong difference in what constitutes responsible action- but the permit holder attempted to stop the situation peacefully before it ended the way it had to. In no way was this the permit holder's fault. It was your son's fault.

I'm going home at the end of the day. Period. If your son is willing to kill people to get what he wants, he takes the risk of being killed by law enforcement or the people he is endangering. I didn't make that choice for him- the permit holder didn't make the choice for him- and his victims didn't make the choice for him. He himself made that choice, mam; and he will have to suffer the consequences of his actions. He is not innocent.

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