November 6, 2013

Conceal Carry Permit Holder In My State Leaves Robbers Dead

Well it's big news over here.

Two masked men entered a convenience store the next city down from where I live with guns drawn, threatening the lives of the people inside for money and cigarettes. Someone inside the store left declaring he was calling the police. When the gunmen left the store pointing their arms at this citizen, he pulled out his pistol and tapped both of them in the chest.

One died immediately on the spot and the other ran 20 feet where he died immediately after collapsing. The getaway driver sped away back to his home.

The permit holder feared for his life and stood his ground. He put himself in harm's way and took responsibility for his own safety and by coincidence, the safety of those inside the store. He should be commended for saving his own life and that of the store owner and patrons.

However- neighbors and family of the deceased are angry. It's the usual 'my baby could have never done this' or 'my sibling wouldn't even think of touching a gun'. They are very angry that a person is allowed to protect themselves in this state; and very angry that 'my baby could have been alive if they called the police'.

One thing here. If I have a gun trained on me, or is coming in my direction (and it isn't law enforcement)- I am drawing and I am shooting. Period. I am going home at the end of the day alive. This is probably what the permit holder was thinking.

They were there, they were armed, willing to kill- for money and other things. Among angry neighbors was an unidentified one who said 'you don't need to use a gun. You should have called the police'.

This goes back to my argument- the police are not your bodyguards. They are responders. The police are responsible for public safety at large- not your safety. The permit holder will not be charged and was within his legal rights to defend himself.

He now lives in fear of retribution as candlelight vigils outside the store portray the robbers as 'victims'. Since the getaway driver assisted in the commission of a felony- he was caught and faces 2nd degree murder charges- if convicted he will face life in prison.

This citizen did the right thing; standing up for their safety. It's tragic things had to end the way they did- but so was the choice those two young men made and the roll of the risk die that did not end up in their favor.

Family members want justice for the now dead felons- as if the men, who were willing to kill anyone to get what they want- were victims. They won't get it from the legal system.

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