October 2, 2013

Threats Renewed on the Balance of Power; Citizens Rights Under Attack in the United States by the Government

It's time to stand up and fight.

In the wake of the shooting at the Naval Yard in the District of Columbia two weeks ago, anti-gun politicians are already calling for attacks on our rights and livelihoods the same day that detectives are piecing together what happened 24 hours before.

Diane Feinstein (who is over the age of 80) insists that banning guns and confiscating them will make America safer. The Department of Justice, the CDC, and many other organizations have come out declaring that gun control does not reduce crime. Further reports indicate that violence and homicide are at a low versus what they were in the early 1990s. In short- the government and media are lying when they say there is an epidemic of "gun violence". There was plenty of fist violence and knife violence yesterday, too- but those don't make a good story and they don't make money. Of course we didn't need organizations with big pants to declare what is what- we all knew in the first place that it is common sense that gun control does not work.

The United States Department of Justice could find no correlation whatsoever between increase in gun control laws and any effect on violence. However, studies have concluded that as lawful gun ownership increases, violence has gone down. While some pro-gun sources claim concealed carry permits reduce crime, I am not prepared to confirm that line of thinking- as I believe the true combination of a reduction in violent crime lay in many factors. One among them may indeed be permits.

The 2nd Amendment codifies the following right:

"A militia, being necessary to the security of a free state; the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"

Defense of the self, family, company, property, state and country are fundamental, inalienable rights included at the founding of our wonderful nation, the United States. The only tangible item recognized by the Bill of Rights is a firearm. Politicians in this country who are attacking the 2nd amendment, the overwhelming majority being either liberal or part of the Democratic party- do not recognize the 2nd Amendment as a freedom in the United States; and more commonly reinterpret it to suit their needs.

The prevailing, majority opinion for a democrat and/or liberal on gun rights is that the people have the right to keep guns in their home and they can only have low caliber rifles, shotguns and pistols so that the military or government cannot be challenged.

Some individuals, such as billionaire Michael Bloomberg, Diane Feinstein, Rahm Emanuel and Andrew Cuomo all want the confiscation and destruction of private firearms. Especially on matters relating to firearms, the mainstream media is full of misinformation, misnomers and outright lies.

The issue at hand is not law abiding citizens misusing firearms- but the mentally ill and those who should not have access to firearms. Even with Brady background checks- many individuals are falling through the cracks of the system. To address the issue, many liberals and democrats recommend taking away the tool from the murderer and from everyone else. Instead of focusing on the operator of the tool, democrats are trying for an approach that disarms lawful United States citizens.

The proper answer is to stop cutting security and to punish criminals who are convicted felons. Far too many felons are in the revolving door prison system- and as soon as they are let out they are back on the streets and are a major threat to society. To democrats, "if we took the gun away, lil' waggo wouldn't be able to murder somebody for drugs".


If he doesn't find a weapon from the black market, he will steal one. If he can't find a gun that way, he will use another deadly weapon- a bomb, blackjack, knife, car, crowbar, lead pipe- there are many items that can be used as weapons- and guns are cited for a ban because "they too easily facilitate violence".

Any object turned into a weapon facilitates violence. Mankind is violent- and he will find a way to do what he wants to do, regardless if the gun is available or not. It is a cultural and economical problem as well as a mental illness problem. Firearms do not cause mental illness. They do not get up and walk down the street and murder someone, and they most certainly don't subliminally implant those ideas into someone's head. But the anti-gunners would like you to believe that.

Guns are used everyday in self defense, recreation and sport. The second amendment was not written for hunting, as the anti-gunners want you to think. According to Thomas Jefferson, the people have a duty to overthrow a tyrannical government and reinstate a new one in line with our founding principles if the need arises. This is the intent of the second amendment: to overthrow a tyrannical government should the need arise. It also codified a need and right for self defense and lawful purposes such as target shooting and hunting. However, the original purpose of the amendment was NOT made for hunting. Ask Andrew Cuomo:

"No one needs over 10 rounds to hunt deer!"

And Rosa Parks didn't "need" to sit at the front of the bus. Catch what I'm saying? because I'm not racist. Firearms ownership and lawful use are civil rights.

It's not an issue of need. It isn't an issue of the deer, and it isn't an issue of hunting. The second amendment clearly cannot be infringed. It is being infringed on a daily basis. The balance of power between people v. government is shrinking daily as government expands too much and seeks to disarm the people. While I am not saying there is a conspiracy theory afoot, it is possible. Regardless of a conspiracy to disarm the people or not, confiscating and banning private firearms changes the balance of power between the US government and the people. If we cannot fight to protect our rights, then we will become servants and obey.It has been said that when the government fears the people, there is freedom. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. Many people are too quiet and afraid to speak up against the government and be made an example of publicly. The Constitution was a radical document- and so are our founding principles. No sane person likes mass murder. We all want our country to be safer- to protect our kids- to make our world a better place- but to do so the anti-gunner way is to upset and destroy the safeguard that gives the people their fundamental rights. I'm not talking about differences of opinion between capitalism- socialism and communism- or ways of distributing wealth or social programs. This goes deeper than that.

To disarm and weaken the American people's ability to fight back is an attack on America by the government. We need more brave individuals to stand up and say "enough is enough" and begin the process of removing obvious traitors from office. It is our right and our duty. These traitors would be individuals who are actively seeking to destroy the Constitution as we know it. There needn't be any tarring and feathering- the people must stand up and begin arresting those responsible for purposefully violating the US Constitution and destroying our fundamental rights and founding principles.

I'm tired of sitting back and feeling helpless and letting things happen as they may. I may be one individual, but I hope my actions and words encourage other Americans to speak out and begin protecting our fundamental rights from those who wish to take them away. If it means arresting individuals who are felons in the government or arresting traitors, then so be it. To be looking for blood is evil- but to seek justice for the good of us all is righteous. If it means volunteering time to help organizations such as the NRA or other constitution respecting organizations, then so be it.

None of us like the idea of throwing money at things to solve problems. It doesn't work every time- but grass root campaigns are much more effective. Donate time, money and resources to make sure we protect our livelihoods and our rights. I am going to see if I can donate time and more money to the NRA. I have followed them for months prior to Sandy Hook and other than some bushwhacking by the head of the NRA-ILA, the NRA has stayed true and factual to its mission of protecting the great bulwark that is the 2nd.

There is a major upset going on right now in this country. At the core of it lies the balance of power between the size and scope of government and its power versus the citizenry. If it couldn't get any worse- it seems that everything else these days has become a topical issue- ripe for sensationalism.


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