October 27, 2013

Ikea: Dangerous Slaughter Zone with Zero Security. Irresponsible.

My first visit to Ikea was nice. They have a lot of nice stuff in there. I found what I wanted.

Just one problem. As I got out of my car to walk in the front door- they have a posted gun free zone. The Ikea I visited had absolutely no security and can be rated as a class 1 slaughter zone. As horrid and macabre as it is to discuss, someone could waltz in tomorrow and begin killing during the busy hour. "All places are at risk like that" you might say. Wrong. Slaughter zones are purposefully chosen by crazies because they offer the greatest chance of least resistance. Today that wasn't going to happen while I was in the store. With that idea out of mind- the shopping experience was pleasant- but god DAMN that store is huge.

This means that the company does not want you exercising your right to protect yourself and your family in the event that you are attacked at one of their stores. There is no security at the entrance or throughout the store. If someone were to walk in shooting- likely 'he' would have a large area full of soft targets. Disturbingly, the children at the day care there are also vulnerable. This disgusts me that Ikea isn't offering security for their customers and puts young children at risk. Ikea would be liable in the future should anything occur. Gun Free Zones are their guarantee of safety. There is no safety inside that store- as the vinyl sticker will do nothing from stopping a firearm entering that store- legal or illegal.

While the company may be 'officially' mute on the 2nd amendment in our country (I don't know their public policy), their store policy says otherwise. Until security is added at their store or they remove their posted slaughter zone, I refuse to do any further business with the Ikea company. A posted slaughter zone increases the risk that it will be picked by someone who has finally snapped- and the first rule of safety is to avoid unnecessary risks.

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