October 21, 2013

More Fallout from Operation Fast and Furious

Operation Fast and Furious was a classified ATF program where the US government (the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BAFTE, or ATF for short) allowed the sale of fully automatic firearms to drug cartels so that they could be smuggled into the country of Mexico. To be clear: the operation was to arrest the smugglers before they and the merchandise left the United States. The ATF decided to let the guns walk into Mexico- for reasons unknown to me, but I suspect so that Mexican authorities could arrest them and extradite the traffickers here. Operation Wide Receiver was another similar program run in 2006 and 2007.

The program failed, horribly. It failed horribly because not only are multiple Mexican law enforcement officials dead- one of the guns let walk by the US Government was used in the murder of United States Border Patrol Agent Bryan Terry.

When the ATF and the Attorney General Eric Holder were examined, he refused to cooperate and said he "enjoyed executive privilege", meaning that the President of the United States- Barack Obama, was covering his ass. The field office for the ATF responsible for the operation has also covered up the leak and refuses to cooperate. When the House of Representatives voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt- the majority of Democrats walked off the floor in protest- refusing to do their jobs. I'm not pinging the Democrats exclusively in the shit hole of a government we have- both parties are equally worthless. The Democrats are more hostile to gun rights- but the republicans would do the same to protect their own- all in this political game of theirs.

It gets worse. From the same ATF office- the US government allowed fully functional grenades to walk across into Mexico through an illicit dealer named Jean Baptiste Kingery. Somehow- these drug cartels have access to anti-material rifles that use .50bmg ammunition.

The US government remains quiet, defiant and uncooperative- the Chicago way. I've demanded answers for the death of Bryan Terry as has his family- and the government refuses to cooperate. I've said it damned near 6 times now- they refuse to cooperate. It's a cover up; deceit, unethical and criminal.

While I don't want to divulge into the arena of NSA spying and the US Government actively seeking to dismantle the Constitution through multiple amendments, many Americans' trust in the government has been completely destroyed- and I'm not talking about a healthy skepticism either. We pay taxes and are forced to vote between two individuals we don't like- any alternative is silenced. This is taxation without representation. My redress of grievances are ignored. If I want to formally talk, I have to go through red tape- and even then I may be given the privilege to speak (hint- it isn't a privilege). Why should the people be obedient to a tyrannical government? it is in our Constitution that such a government be resisted and overthrown. I'm reluctant to play the overthrow card as many people are- living in fear.

In addition, ATF agents discussed using Op F&F as an excuse to implement more gun control in the United States; we don't know if the White House was involved in that plan.

Bill Newell, the head of the Phoenix DEA, David Voth, Hope Macallister, William Hoover, George Gillet, Mark Chait, and unamed individuals from the US Attorney's office need to be placed under arrest.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder need to be removed from office in their refusal to cooperate and actions to cover up the scandal. For other reasons, they both need to be placed under arrest for violating the United States Constitution.

In addition, Gary Grindler, Ronald Welch, William McMahon and Monty Wilkinson need to be detained and subpoenaed for information.

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