August 1, 2013

To Michael Beebe of Arkansas: Arming Screened Teachers to Protect our Kids a Smart Move for Arkansas

Hello Mr. Beebe,

My name is Rob and I am a citizen of the state of Illinois. I read in an article recently that some Arkansas schools will be returning to school this fall arming teachers who have been qualified as security guards. I wanted to let you know that as a gun owner and an active supporter (that is, I actively defend the Constitution) of the Constitution and the right to bear arms that I completely agree with the program.

The solution to the problem of "how can we keep our children safe in this day and age we live in?" is to put more security in our schools. The White House and Washington have forsaken our children by saying "more guns in schools is not the answer, lawful or otherwise". In fact, that is indeed the solution. Volunteers who are intensely screened, certified and trained become first responders in an active shooter situation- and become the biggest obstacle to the success of an active shooter.

Common sense is a poisoned phrase loaded by the president and his cohorts. I'll tell you what is common sense- putting verified and trained security in our schools to protect the lives of our children. Please support such programs.


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