August 7, 2013

My Last Word to Chicago

It’s official- I’ve got an apartment outside of this forsaken state and I am moving at the end of the month. I’d like to take the time to list my grievances with the state of Illinois- which they have and will refuse to rectify. The politicians here are corrupt. The Chicago Way, as it’s called- is to give political favors in exchange for campaign money, at the same time silencing all dissent and critics that could deride the party vote.

In a sense- it is the essence of machine politics. The Madigan family rules the state. The House leader, Michael Madigan has his daughter, Lisa Madigan as the attorney general. If Michael Madigan were to be sued for misconduct, the state must go through Lisa Madigan to prosecute him. Thus, he can get away with whatever he wants, and the people of this state are OK with this. The Madigan family has turned what was supposed to be a constitutional republic into a Stalinist, communist regime where party politics become law. It is not the way to run a free land- and the people need to gain the courage to remove these people from office. It won’t happen.

So long as the machine runs Illinois, I will never return to this place ever again. Second, the right to self-defense and the right to keep and bear arms is under attack in Illinois. We just fought to craft a new shall-issue law here, and we succeeded. I do not feel my efforts were in vain, however miniscule in the big picture- because the people of this state deserve better. In December 2012, the 7th circuit court ruled that Illinois’ ban on conceal carry is unconstitutional, and through delay tactics the state had until July 9th to craft a law that replaced the old ban.

 They did so, but continue to enforce the ban until 2014. We took them to court over the issue. The lower courts were ordered on the morning of July 9th to issue the injunction- and Steihl refused to do so. He even blatantly dismissed the case as moot and recognized that he defied his superiors. Now that the issue has been appealed, accepted and expedited by the 7th circuit again, I would be royally PISSED that the state has not only been monkeying around with our constitutional rights, but a lower judge defied his duties and interrupted/tampered with the rule of our laws.

He should be removed from office effective immediately, by force from the federal government if necessary. That won’t happen, because the man in charge of that process, Eric Holder, is the underling of another Chicago man who practices the Chicago Way. Both of these men should be in prison for other related crimes. The machine protects its own, even if they violate the Constitution. If they go against the machine- they are removed from their “responsibilities”.

The 7th circuit, from the arguments presented to them should rule in favor of the people again, just as they did in December 2012. The state has monkeyed around, RECOGNIZED that they violate the rights of the people of Illinois AND a lower court refused to follow constitutional orders. Someone is getting smacked- and hard. I am concerned that Chicago will return during the next legislative session and strike down shall issue carry. If they can’t do that, they will make it as difficult as possible to exercise our rights. Chicago leads the nation in murders and blames “lax” gun laws as the problem.

The problem, in truth is the failed drug war and the barring of 2nd amendment rights. Before 2010, you couldn’t even own a gun in your home in Chicago. I’m not going to be around for that shindig. Illinois has a corrupt system where the politicians and their underlings have allowed employees to quadruple dip into pension funds, embezzling money left and right. Someone has to pay for these failed policies- and that would be the people. To legislate its version of morality, the Chicago machine has attempted to tax things it does not like, such as fast food and firearms. In Cook County there is a blood tax on the purchase of each firearm.

You pay an additional tax to buy a firearm in that county, and the money goes to paying medical bills for the gang bangers who are shooting each other. When I stopped for lunch at Wendy’s in Schaumburg Illinois, the sales tax was 28%. I will not be subject to these morality taxes. It’s time these morons get out of our lives and instill some fiscal responsibility. There is no budget, to my knowledge.

The state cannot pay its bills and constantly has its credit rated down. Illinois is a failure, lead by a dead beat governor who wants to punish others for his lack of action and leadership. Illinois is a hostile job market for me, ranking in at #6 most hostile and volatile to succeeding in getting a career. Where I am moving is in the #30’s. Here is my declaration to Chicago and Illinois. I do not sell out. I do not sell out my rights or the rights of other people. I had to make a decision- to help change the political landscape of Illinois and help relieve some of the corruption, or leave.

I am taking the second option because it is still available. You sick, twisted and demented fools have no right to take away my right to self-defense. You can’t pay your bills, your dishonest, take campaign contributions in exchange for favors (and I’m looking at YOU, Chicago Democrats) and actively defy the people, extending your dirty fingers into the judicial system.

Every last one of you from Chicago are a bunch of hacks, dead beats and the majority of you are guilty of some form of tyranny. Keep it here within the state’s borders. We’re gonna have a real problem if you extend your tentacles outside of state borders. Might as well have a parade for McCarthy so he can shoot out some streetlights. Get out of my life, stay out of it

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