June 20, 2013

Why I am Angry with the White House and Congress

In the raging debate over guns in this country, the anti's have now referred to themselves as "gun safety" advocates. This couldn't be further from the truth. anti-gunners don't know the first thing about the fundamental operation of firearms, and are not to be trusted on advice. Just look at the vice president- he said to thwart a home robbery you should buy a double barreled shotgun and shoot it in the air- and that's "all you needed".

Here is my beef with the anti's. It irritates me enough that they want to take away our rights in this country; and before they reached that point they wanted to take our firearms. That's bad enough- but they opened a whole new can of worms after the UBC bill failed in the federal Senate.

Two senators introduced a bill that would update the background check system, require those mentally ajundicated by a judge be reported to NICS (not a hippo violation) and give millions of dollars in grants to put armed security in schools (police officers). The bill "failed".


Why did it fail? because the anti-gunners said that not enough restrictions were placed on firearms, so they killed the bill. They killed the one bill that would have made a difference in stopping lunatics from getting firearms, and they did it for political points. This proves two things to me. Number one is that the federal government is not interested in solving the problem of mass shootings. Number two is that all the anti-gunners care about is taking away 2nd amendment rights from citizens. Those bills championed by the fiercest anti-gunners in the nation admit that their bills will do nothing to "prevent another Newtown", and even the White House said it, and yet they want to pass the bills anyways. Another thing that really gets me is that the boston bombers were recently cited, along with other dead violent felons, as "victims" of gun violence. Are you fucking shitting me?

They make my blood boil. This isn't about the children, yet you hear them scream about it all the time. This isn't about the kids- because the anti's voted "no" to protecting them in schools. I'll repeat it one more time- this isn't about the kids. This isn't about stopping insane people or felons from getting guns. This isn't about deterring crime or making people safer. This was about taking people's guns away, and now that they know they will have a national revolution on their hands if they do- they want to accomplish the goal by death by a thousand cuts- by taking decades to introduce baby steps into completely erasing the 2nd Amendment.

They put our lives; our children's lives on the line by voting "no" to protect them, yet the kids of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Rahm Emanuel and other big whig politicians get to send their kids to schools with ARMED SECURITY. Why would my kids be lesser in the government's eyes? why do their kids need protection, when, after all, the president stated that "armed security" in schools isn't the answer, yet, barring secret service, his children are surrounded by armed guards?

Go to hell you sack of shit. These people are egotistical, corrupt and twisted monsters. It is likely I will never vote for another liberal ever again for the games they have been playing. I, and the American people are tired of the bullshit tyrade's going on in Washington DC. These people need to be voted out of office. It's why I'm leaving Illinois- for greener pastures in another state.

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