June 9, 2013

Santa Monica Gives SRC a Reason to Confiscate Rifles

What happened in Santa Monica, California the other day was truly horrific. The odds may have been different if a conceal carry permit holder could have put a stop to the rampage. Unfortunately, in much of the Socialist's Republic and especially in Santa Monica, gun control is king and there is de-facto no issue. In the SRC you need a bullet button installed on your gun, among other draconian measures which infringe on the 2nd Amendment. I feel very, very sorry for those people in the socialist's republic who cannot escape there due to family, job, etc.

There has been no word yet from Michael Bloomberg or Diane Feinstein, or the socialist republic's government on exactly how they are going to punish their citizens for the action of this one mentally ill person. Perhaps confiscation of all semi-automatic rifles is in order? We'll see what they begin ordering, and if people will fight back or continue to be tools of the regime.

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