June 22, 2013

It's Been 14 Days; Why Isn't There Carry?

If you look at previous posts regarding Illinois Conceal Carry- you will notice that it's been about 14 days past the June 9th deadline. The reason there is no court carry is because Lisa Madigan has decided to delay the inevitable by asking for an extension to the deadline. To our shock, Posner granted the extension to July 9th. Illinois continues to play games with our rights. The governor, Quinn does not want to sign the bill and is stalling so that "gun safety advocates" can enact semi-automatic weapons bans not affecting handguns before July 9th.

Intuitively, you can sense that he isn't going to sign this bill. He doesn't want to, and strategically they want to give local communities as much time as they can to ban big, scary black semi-automatic rifles, often called "baby killers, high powered rifles with large clips". How much more loaded can you be in the liberal description of a semi-automatic rifle. I'm kicking the dead horse here- but it's the end user of the gun, not the gun itself. It has no morals, no intelligence, no sentience. It cannot think or hop out of a holster or jump from a sling and kill people.

If he fails to sign the bill, on July 9th court carry will may happen in Illinois. Madigan will ask for another extension, despite being told this is her last extension, and it will probably be granted. She keeps playing the delay game like Chicago liberals are good at doing.

Quinn has until August 4th to sign that bill.  Between July 9th and August 4th, if he does not sign that bill- you will be able to carry a loaded handgun (concealed or open) with a FOID card and where not prohibited by federal law. I believe he wants the local restrictions. Dart has a may-issue ordinance ready to go incase Wyle-E-Coyote falls off the cliff. I fully expect Quinn not to sign the bill, despite Madigan (Mike) turning against him and court carry will happen in Illinois. Local municipalities will enact restrictions, and they will get taken to court and defeated.

If he refuses to touch the bill, it will become law August 4th. If he vetoes the bill, he can be overridden by both chambers, who have the vote to do so. He must veto, sign it, or do nothing. It is in his best electoral interest to sign it.

Veto'ing the bill will piss off downstate democrats, but woo the anti's.
Signing the bill may earn downstate democratic support, but piss off the anti's.
Ignoring the bill will draw fire from both downstate dems AND the anti's.

It's a classic case of the Poet and the Pendulum. He doesn't like the bill. He doesn't want to deal with it. The only way he can ensure local control (Cook County's may-issue ordinance) is by refusing to do anything by July 9th veto'ing this bill and praying for a hail mary. That is what I think he is going to do. He can sign the bill and end this farce, he can veto the bill, or he can ignore it. I believe Potato Head is so wrapped around "local control" as a fundamental idea that I predict he will ignore the bill and let the deadline expire. I believe Potato Head is so wrapped around "local control" as a fundamental idea to governance that I predict he will veto the bill. If the chambers fail to override him, Madigan WILL appeal to the United States Supreme Court, and she WILL lose if they take the case. I believe Quinn will VETO the bill on July 8th to give the home rule units enough time to try and act (they are failing horribly). I believe Madigan will also request a deadline extension. I do not know if she will get it. Posner said she wouldn't, and that's what he said the first time in his ruling.

"This bill is fundamentally flawed." "This bill is not for Illinois". -Governor Patrick Quinn

They'll delay this as long as they can. As for me? I'm out of here in a week! wee!

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