June 22, 2013

Gary McCarthy: An "Un"model Man

I sent this as an email to a buddy of mine a few moments ago, and I thought it was important to publicly highlight what kind of person Gary McCarthy is, and why Chicago trusts him with a gun and a badge.


I shit you not.

Every now and then I see a comment about street lights and Gary McCarthy, so I investigated what the fuck it all meant.

Back when Gary McCarthy and his brother were deputies, they went to a local cop bar in New York City. They got so drunk one night that they left the bar, went down to the ghetto precinct and started yelling "you all are a bunch of fucking n*****s" and began shooting out street lights. They nearly incited a riot. Both officers were slapped on the wrist for unlawfully discharging a firearm while intoxicated and for yelling hate speech. If a normal citizen did this, they would be in federal lockdown in a prison and being sued by the state out the wah-looza. Not Gary McCarthy- cops are above the law.

In 2011, when he worked for the NYPD he was fined $200 for blocking traffic with his police car so that he could argue with other NYPD officers about his daughter getting a court summons for parking in a handicap space. He threatened those NY detectives.

Chicago thought it was a mother fucking brilliant idea to make him their police chief. Illinois politicians trust Mr. McCarthy with a gun, but not the rest of us. Oh no, the law abiding citizens are below a drunken fuck who shouts profanities and shoots out street lights. What a fucking joke. Chicago is willing to trust this man, a criminal, with a firearm and a badge, but deny law abiding citizens who wouldn't touch booze and their firearm at the same time and treat them as sub-standard citizens.



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