June 18, 2013

Anti-Gunner Straps A Weapon to Her Hip To Prove Her Anti-Gun Message

Heidi Yewman is the Washington State president for the Million Mom March and the Brady Campaign. She claims to be an advocate for "gun safety", as the gun control advocates now call themselves. The problem with "gun safety" advocates is that they contradict the authority on firearms safety, the National Rifle Association (NRA). So let's see what this woman did, paraphrased.

She decided that in order to understand the enemy that you needed to be in their shoes. So, knowing nothing about guns she purchased a Glock 9mm and boasted about "how easy it was to get a lethal weapon". She said it in such a manner that it was supposed to frighten the reader. This has been a calling card of the anti's for decades: "it's too easy to get a gun in America and we need to take them away".

This leading "advocate" for gun safety took the gun home and saw the magazine in the gun and absolutely freaked out. She had no training, no fore-thought to ask the seller questions, and immediately descended into chaos, thinking "what if I blow up my car and my house?" "what if I shoot my kids??" So she did what a confused, hysterical person would do- she found a cop and asked the cop to check the firearm. When she told the officer that she didn't even know how to handle the weapon, the cop gave her a stern look and called her an idiot.

It's anti-gun hysteria at its finest. This "advocate" for gun safety claimed that she wanted to understand her enemy, but did not even understand the first thing about gun handling. She said the entire premise for the "experiment" was based on Wayne LaPierre of the NRA saying the following:

"the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun".

In a sense, she wanted to find out what it was like "to be a good guy with a gun". She wasn't trying to be a "good guy" at all. Not only was her pretense malicious, but this woman was being an outright fucking dolt by trying to be a hero without understanding the basic fundamentals of operating a lethal weapon. She highlighted this point, and then made calls for more gun control because irresponsible people, like her, are the reason that birth rights should be taken away from people.

If she had any serious intentions to learn how to use a gun, she would have sought instruction in how to use it. She claims that those who believe the opposite are the reason gun rights should be taken away from law abiding citizens.

Instead of taking her rights seriously, she became afraid of an inanimate object. Every time she looked down at her holstered gun, she trembled in fear. She lost control. She broke down. She then boasted about her "courage" in dealing with an "evil, evil thing". I swear to Yahweh, it's like tying pillows to your kid and telling them not to touch sticks because they could stab you. It seems that Ms. Heidi thinks the gun will immediately pop out of her holster and begin a massive rampage- or worse, the gun will 'cause her to become so hysterical that she won't know what she is doing with it'.

Ms. Yewman made no attempt to understand her firearm at all, the rights involved, the responsibilities or, more importantly the consequences of her actions. She wasn't sincere from the beginning, and she won't be sincere now. Anti's spout all of these bullshit statistics all of the time, like the "fact" that your family members are 8 times more likely to die with a gun in the house, and they spout this fecal matter without understanding the first thing about firearms or how to handle them responsibly. I will say it again, IF YOU BELIEVE AN ANTI-GUNNER IS AN ADVOCATE FOR TRUE, RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERSHIP AND USE, YOU ARE A FUCKING DOLT. THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE FUNDAMENTALS OF FIREARMS USE!

If the Brady Campaign were serious about "gun safety", they would work with the NRA to promote safer firearms handling and use. Instead, they call for punishment.


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