May 31, 2013

Terroristic Threats Lobbed at POTUS, Politicians, Gun Right Advocates

Well, seems like we have someone trying to get their jollies by contacting Illinois Carry members and requesting that they join a "mission" to assassinate targeted individuals on a provided hit list. I did not receive this email personally, but I did receive the text from those who did receive these emails. They have been forwarded to the Illinois State Police, the FBI office in Chicago and the United States Secret Service.

Some of the information contained in this post will be censored out for obvious reasons. It has already been reported to the FBI and the Secret Service- so they already know about it.

A group calling themselves "we the people", a radical, fundamentalist Christian group is calling for the immediate dissolution of our laws and Constitution so that the law of Yahweh can be instituted. Yahweh is the fancy name for "God" in the Abrahamic faiths of Christianity and Judaism. I know a lot about this character, but discussion on the origins of Yahweh and the things it has been alleged to say would break my rule of "no religion" on this blog.

I am already kind of uncomfortable walking the fine line here in this post and a previous post regarding a similar issue. While I am not uncomfortable discussing the issue in a reasonable way, I am inclined not to elaborate further than the contents of the message.

The terrorists cited Deuteronomy 4:2 in their core message of dismantling all man made laws. Again, from my [former] 19 years of Christian experience I know where they are coming from. They want it so that only the 10 commandments offered in the Old Testament become law of the land, as well as any other "sub set" rules relegated by Deuteronomy, such as protection for Jews murdering non-Jews, killing virgins without a hymen and ethnically cleansing homosexuals. I go no further than that on this blog.

What they fail to mention is that they took 4:2 out of context. The text means that no law or commandment should be added or removed from the 10 commandments. That's it. There's no other explanation to it. They then go on to bitch about [an implied] proxy war with Iran versus the Israeli people. Nonsense I don't want to get into as that land has been fought over for at LEAST 8,000 to 10,000 years.

WTP claims that Yahweh said that any legislation against him is a crime punishable by stoning or by any means necessary. They go on to elaborate about how the federal reserve bank "the Fed" is corrupt (which isn't untrue), but go about it in a completely fanatical and extremist way that uses no logic and facts, but instead uses unconfirmed texts that indicate what a possible deity said.

WTP says that elections at the ballot box and peaceful marching won't be enough, and that a combined effort of assassinations among the gun owners of America is necessary to shut the US Government down. They use the old addage of "you're for us or you're against us". If you choose to do nothing, they say, then you are against us and need to be executed.

WTP also implies that the United States was formed as a Christian nation. Please review George Washington's treaty of Tripoli: the United States was not founded as a Christian nation. Many of the founding fathers were deists. Even if they were a certain religion, which they were to a degree, it does not mean that they are correct or that I must subscribe to any one "way".

Non subscription to that way, according to WTP means execution of the American people. These... can I even call them "people"? are as bad or worse than the Taliban and Jihadists. Now the text I received had this information blanked out, but there was a list of individuals, including the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and many other Congressional representatives, their addresses and they discussed the best methods of assassinating them.

This information has been censored from this blog post and has already been reported to the United States Secret Service by numerous people. Look. I don't like Obama. I didn't vote for the jackass- but that doesn't mean that anyone has the right to go and take another person's life. I have a duty to overthrow a tyrannical and oppressive government as stated by the Declaration of Independence, but at the same time I have the duty to protect the United States and our Constitution (which the WTP calls for the abolishment of, they really can't get their facts straight).

I will not tolerate threats to our nation, to it's people, to any majority, minority, ethnic group, religious group or irreligious group. I will not tolerate threats against compatriots, friends, family and relatives. I will not tolerate a parasitic, fundamentalist worm that has infected the brains of these individuals from causing this great nation harm. WTP is not representative of all Christians. It is important to dispell that stereotype immediately, because I know some good people who are Christian, and I know ten times more bad ones.

 That is the jist of their terrorist motives. According to a member who received information months in advance, the same contact provided this garble of religious dogma:


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