May 17, 2013

O'Malley Signs Gun Ban in the State of Maryland

Governor Martin O'Malley has just signed into law a semi-automatic weapons ban, a standard capacity magazine ban, fingerprinting requirements and 2 hours mandatory training in order to purchase a firearm. Every single one of these things is an infringement on the 2nd Amendment.

As a Marylander by birth I am absolutely disgusted with the state legislature and it's feel good, knee jerk reactions. Banning sales of semi-automatics to law abiding citizens will not stop criminals from committing homicides.


In 2004, when the national semi-automatic ban sunsetted, a Department of Justice study was conducted. It indicated that the AWB had no impact on lowering crime. A recent DOJ study indicated a strong correlation between a decrease in gun homicides and an increase in carriage and lawful ownership of firearms.

Legislators have chosen to ignore common sense and facts, instead appealing to emotion and political brownie points to satisfy the White House. 97% of all murders committed on the national level occur with handguns. Maryland already has a de-facto ban on concealed carry.

Limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds will not stop criminals from acquiring standard capacity magazines over 10 rounds. It will hurt the law abiding citizen. Fingerprinting will not deter crime because criminals buy most of their guns off of the black market or steal them.

2 hours minimum training to purchase a handgun is a blatant, straightforward attack on gun owners. This is an infringement to the 2nd amendment along with everything else, and I would immediately consider filing a class action lawsuit against the state of Maryland.

Do not comply with these measures because they contradict the US Constitution and your inherent rights that began at birth. Do not register your weapons, do not surrender them and do not comply with the state of Maryland's demands. The next time a tragedy happens, they will clamp down on you people harder.

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