May 28, 2013

Michael Madigan A Danger to Our Constitutional Republic

One has to understand that not only is Madigan (Mike) underhanded, dirty and absolutely corrupt, he is a very, very intelligent man- and he gets what he wants. Now the #2 man of power in Illinois is going to attempt to kill 2193; and Madigan has him in check over Cullerton's (#2) pension bill.

It's all a dirty game to them. They don't care about your rights. Has Chicago had a change of heart by throwing Rahm under the bus? No, but there is a change going on.

Madigan admitted that when Cassidy's may-issue bill died a horrible death; he admitted he was wrong. He admitted that his position was wrong- and contacted Phelps to power house 2193 through the house.

I still believe the senate will be short of the votes required (34-36?) with only 26 voting YEA, at my estimation. Cullerton can still sit on this bill, but Madigan will kill his pension bill in retaliation. Cullerton... for a lack of better words safer than PG-13; he is feeling an uncomfortable, crushing pressure to get this through.

Quinn? I firmly believe he will sit on it, because if he drives us off the cliff Chicago keeps its regulations and control; which is what the anti's want.

It is absolutely dumb-founding how Madigan can pull so many anti-gun politicians (puppets) to vote for a SHALL ISSUE bill with Pre-emption. It is dumb founding how one single politician has bent the rules of the state constitution AND the national constitution to suit his agenda, and just how many votes he controls in the House; threatening anyone who defies him. The people of Chicago like him- and keep voting him in. That, or no one dares to run against Madigan.

He is absolutely dangerous to our constitutional republic by making up his own rules and breaking any rule he wants. He is a very, very dangerous man that Illinois needs to remove at the ballot box, and quickly. The rules in the Illinois government are so loose and broken that anyone with considerable power can usurp control of the state’s law making process. Chicago has been in that driver’s seat for about 50 years now.

Except this time, they threw Rahm under the bus. Are they going to pass state wide bans on semi-autos and standard capacity magazines? When handguns and gang violence are to blame? Not rifles of any kind? Time will tell. They have repeatedly tried it about half a dozen times in the past year and a half, and every time downstate democrats and republicans have killed that effort, with the help of the ISRA and NRA.

What will make Madigan an even greater threat in the next year? he wants his daughter, the current attorney general, to be the governor. Quinn is fast on his way out with poor performance reviews by the general public. There is a conflict of interest; no one dares question Madigan; no one dares to run against him; and quite frankly, Chicago citizens don't care and just keep re-electing him.

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